I’m just trying to get home and see my family!

images-98I tell you since the day I put the stamp on me leaving GA to visit family back home things have been horrible. My body has suffered a sickness I’ve never experienced before. I was unable to move or even turn over in my own bed. My body began to ache all over, stomach full of nausea, coughing became uncontrollable and breathing became a chore. I felt horrible. My family began calling asking how far am I from home and needless to say all sounded disappointed when I told them I was not feeling my best. My daughter looked at me and said I look like I’m getting worse and that’s unacceptable. She was upset that my body hadn’t bounced back to healing after 3 days. So I thought about doing something I should have done a long time ago. I told my family to pray for me. Pray for my healing. Pray for traveling mercy. Pray all stays well.

Prayer changes things, situations and all circumstances.

To my family back home “Don’t worry I’m coming and I’m expecting a good ole time.” Happy birthday Kendall aka Wiza. 14 looks good on ya. Auntie loves you!!

Much Love,

Tracy B


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