It’s not that easy…..

There are things God will do for you if you stay in the flow.

Waterfall34-2Imagine God being a huge waterfall of anointed water and your blessing, promise, breakthrough is at the top of it. Can you see the waterfall in all its beauty and majesty? You can see what you desire in plain sight. It’s staring you in the face so you take off anxiously to get what’s rightfully yours. As you begin your climb you soon realize it’s not as easy as it looks but your hunger and thirst causes you to continue to climb higher.  Just as you reach the halfway point and touch the tip of the blessing the rocks become slippery and you fall a long ways back. You can see your starting point closer and your ending point a ways away. Now you’re faced with a decision while anger consumes you.

Do you give up and complain it’s too hard, almost impossible to make it? Or do you gain strength from knowing that even when the water press down it’s still anointed and empowering you to climb higher?  Choose wisely because…..

It’s a lot upstream you can’t see so stay in the flow of God’s anointing and watch blessings and favor overtake you!

Much Love,

Tracy B


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