It’s about time I surrender…..

You just reach the point where surrendering is the only option! (continued…..)

blues“No matter how hard I fight against the thoughts of surrender my reality has become my thoughts. I continue to ask questions, continue to seek compromise, continue to find a different way to get my way but none of that matters when my thoughts are what they are. I have a lot of love to give, peace to bring, and happiness to inspire as offering to this world, but I want to do this my way; however You’re not having that nor or You hearing my excuses. You’re just putting me in position or shall I say lining me up with my thoughts. The more I pull the more You push. The more I cry the more the pain. The more I fight the more You forgive so I once again ask for Your forgiveness. I pray, may the thoughts I’ve had that are outside of Your will suffer a devastating crop failure. And may all the thoughts that You’ve positioned and line me up become my ONLY thoughts. I surrender to Your will and Your way!!”images

Allow my yearnings to become so strong and powerful that I have no other choice but to allow it to become reality. (The End)

Much Love,

Tracy B


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