So I said……

Wait no longer! (continued from post So what you saying??…..)

blues“I’m upset because this has gone on way to long. I’m upset because this is out of my control. I’m upset because I can’t help people in the manner they really need. I am limited and that really upsets me. I am confused, conflicted, and a walking contradiction and that upsets me. But of course you knew that already. Why do you ask when you know everything? You know what’s in my heart, head and hard to break habits. I thought you knew my breaking point but you allowed me to surpass that-and….”

“And I’ve heard enough. Enough of your roller coaster. You never had control just enough faith to believe you did. You can help people if you first help yourself. You’re limited because you’re lacking. You’re confused and conflicted because you have no foundation to stand. You’re not a walking contradiction you’re a sleeping beauty. You’re stuck in the dream. It’s past time you WAKE UP! You have to do the work without giving up, giving in, or sleeping. I know the desires in your heart but I also know the handicap of your habit. Use this breaking point to finally break through. I’ve done my part. What about you???? Don’t worry I’ll continue to wait….”

To Be Continued……………

Much Love,

Tracy B



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