So what you saying?????…..

It’s not as easy as I thought.

bluesI don’t want to do this anymore. I’m turning away from it all. Everything I thought was right, everything I believed to be true and just is just not working out. Why sit up daily and stress when the Lord is supposed to have my back, side, front and all around? Why should I struggle when my God owns everything? Why should I suffer when I have power to speak whatever I need into existence? Why have hell on earth when I pray God’s will be done? Is this His will? Is this an answered prayer? Is this what I’ve been waiting to see manifest? Is this the promise? Why would anyone want to become part of the kingdom when the majority of its members are suffering, struggling, lacking, crying, pinching pennies and living paycheck to paycheck? What do we or anyone else have to look forward too? It appears I had it better when I didn’t care. What is this about?

“Did you realize the enemy only has the power you give him? Did you know he is a major deceiver? Did you know you’re only asking this because you’ve been deceived? He is the father of lies, he does not have the power to tell the truth but then again you struggle with the power to believe. How can you be convinced of anything when you’re deceived by everything? You and the others you speak of struggle because of your choices and you’re upset because??? Don’t worry I’ll wait!!”

To be continued…

Much Love,

Tracy B


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