Why they got it and I don’t???…..

A conversation between us….

A-Bud-of-Love-31000“God, answer this for me. You say to whom much is given much is also required. Well I did the requirements, as well as your children, but it seems we’re not getting anything in return but more issues of life. This pains and frustrates me. I know my anger doesn’t scare or motivate you to act but what about my heart? What about my obedience? What about my faith? I put you in remembrance of Your word only to get more issues, heartache, heartbreak, financial struggle, etc….  God I’m just at a lost here. What is the world doing that we (Your children) are not?

“There’s no fear in the world, only belief. They work very hard for what they desire, be it good or bad, and they go out and get it. They don’t wait for me to make it happen. They don’t even consider Me enough to ask how I feel about it. The world seizes each opportunity and go hard for it. Can you believe they have the audacity to live each day as if it were their last? I require you believe and NOT doubt. I require complete trust. I require that you’re anxious for nothing. I require child like faith. I require living each day as if it’s your last. So what requirements did you do? For truly if you do what’s required then these conversations will cease. I’m just saying..”

Never be afraid to ask God anything, but don’t get upset when He answers.

Much Love,

Tracy B



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