It’s all in fun when you’re laughing…..

No time to be shy now.

imagesIt’s always something to see a person so disorganized trying to offer tips on how to organize life. Now that’s hilarious to me. I am sitting here watching my friend shuffle about, fumbling through papers, taking everything out to further search just to throw it all back in, pacing back and forth whispering, mumbling, ranting but still talking telling me how I can benefit from what I’m being told. Well here’s the thing about me I focus more so on what I’m being showed. However, I’m shaking my head as if I’m paying attention but y’all know I’m really posting. LOL!! Some nerve I tell ya, but truth be told I am learning from watching this disastrous search for something that could have been avoided with a little more patience. Ya start thinking if only I’d taken that extra step, or gone the extra mile things would have been avoided.  What a lesson to learn . So today since my friend desires to teach me a lesson then I desire to use reverse psychology on learning lessons.

How can we learn without a teacher and how can they hear with Tracy speaking. I’m just saying “Ya gone learn today!”

Much Love,

Tracy B


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