Lead me into greatness…..

I’m alright with allowing Him time to complete His work in me.

images-20There’s a work being done. A work y’all know I fought tooth and nail to understand, compromise with, and bring my old into His new creation. I know being with God old things have passed and all things have become new but I didn’t believe it. At least not for my life. However, God being true to HIS word is making all things new. He has placed me on a course of greatness. There is an abundant blessing waiting for me. The pains, trials, and tribulations are all part of the Master’s plan of making me sick and tired of the norm.  I’ve traveled this road for years and now heading in the direction of the promise.

God, never allow my feet to travel where your grace and mercy will not follow.

Much Love,

Tracy B


This that love I love……

If only you knew how much I do, I do love you!!!

I’m just so in love with God at this moment. Not that I don’t love HIM daily but there are moments when I feel like we are definitely on one accord and this is one of those moments. Things are crazy, life is full of surprises, and I need some extra finances but all is still well and God is still a GREAT GOD.

There’s no greater love!


Much Love,

Tracy B

It’s about time I surrender…..

You just reach the point where surrendering is the only option! (continued…..)

blues“No matter how hard I fight against the thoughts of surrender my reality has become my thoughts. I continue to ask questions, continue to seek compromise, continue to find a different way to get my way but none of that matters when my thoughts are what they are. I have a lot of love to give, peace to bring, and happiness to inspire as offering to this world, but I want to do this my way; however You’re not having that nor or You hearing my excuses. You’re just putting me in position or shall I say lining me up with my thoughts. The more I pull the more You push. The more I cry the more the pain. The more I fight the more You forgive so I once again ask for Your forgiveness. I pray, may the thoughts I’ve had that are outside of Your will suffer a devastating crop failure. And may all the thoughts that You’ve positioned and line me up become my ONLY thoughts. I surrender to Your will and Your way!!”images

Allow my yearnings to become so strong and powerful that I have no other choice but to allow it to become reality. (The End)

Much Love,

Tracy B

So I said……

Wait no longer! (continued from post So what you saying??…..)

blues“I’m upset because this has gone on way to long. I’m upset because this is out of my control. I’m upset because I can’t help people in the manner they really need. I am limited and that really upsets me. I am confused, conflicted, and a walking contradiction and that upsets me. But of course you knew that already. Why do you ask when you know everything? You know what’s in my heart, head and hard to break habits. I thought you knew my breaking point but you allowed me to surpass that-and….”

“And I’ve heard enough. Enough of your roller coaster. You never had control just enough faith to believe you did. You can help people if you first help yourself. You’re limited because you’re lacking. You’re confused and conflicted because you have no foundation to stand. You’re not a walking contradiction you’re a sleeping beauty. You’re stuck in the dream. It’s past time you WAKE UP! You have to do the work without giving up, giving in, or sleeping. I know the desires in your heart but I also know the handicap of your habit. Use this breaking point to finally break through. I’ve done my part. What about you???? Don’t worry I’ll continue to wait….”

To Be Continued……………

Much Love,

Tracy B


So what you saying?????…..

It’s not as easy as I thought.

bluesI don’t want to do this anymore. I’m turning away from it all. Everything I thought was right, everything I believed to be true and just is just not working out. Why sit up daily and stress when the Lord is supposed to have my back, side, front and all around? Why should I struggle when my God owns everything? Why should I suffer when I have power to speak whatever I need into existence? Why have hell on earth when I pray God’s will be done? Is this His will? Is this an answered prayer? Is this what I’ve been waiting to see manifest? Is this the promise? Why would anyone want to become part of the kingdom when the majority of its members are suffering, struggling, lacking, crying, pinching pennies and living paycheck to paycheck? What do we or anyone else have to look forward too? It appears I had it better when I didn’t care. What is this about?

“Did you realize the enemy only has the power you give him? Did you know he is a major deceiver? Did you know you’re only asking this because you’ve been deceived? He is the father of lies, he does not have the power to tell the truth but then again you struggle with the power to believe. How can you be convinced of anything when you’re deceived by everything? You and the others you speak of struggle because of your choices and you’re upset because??? Don’t worry I’ll wait!!”

To be continued…

Much Love,

Tracy B

Don’t get stuck…..

images-57It’s time to let go of it all~!

I wanted to hold on for as long as I could to this dream, this vision, this desire, this request or prayer but God is saying LET GO. Why would I let go of a dream? Why would I let go of my hearts desires? Why would I allow someone or something to take over after I’ve put all this work in it? Why would God make such an awful demand? I don’t want to let it go. I want to hold on until a change comes. I want to keep all my eggs in this basket because I know it will produce something for me eventually but God is constantly saying LET GO. This can’t be right. After all, God is the one who gave me the desire, the dream, the vision so what’s up with that?

God said “How can I get you to greater when you’re holding on so tightly to this level? How can I expand your horizon when you’re comfortable in the struggle of the surface? How can I present something or someone that’s best when you’re satisfied with better? You have to let go so that your change can come. It’s My will to bless you with your hearts desires but it’s not your desire to be blessed because you don’t want to let go. Will you trust me with your heart?”

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding but in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.

Much Love,

Tracy B

Why they got it and I don’t???…..

A conversation between us….

A-Bud-of-Love-31000“God, answer this for me. You say to whom much is given much is also required. Well I did the requirements, as well as your children, but it seems we’re not getting anything in return but more issues of life. This pains and frustrates me. I know my anger doesn’t scare or motivate you to act but what about my heart? What about my obedience? What about my faith? I put you in remembrance of Your word only to get more issues, heartache, heartbreak, financial struggle, etc….  God I’m just at a lost here. What is the world doing that we (Your children) are not?

“There’s no fear in the world, only belief. They work very hard for what they desire, be it good or bad, and they go out and get it. They don’t wait for me to make it happen. They don’t even consider Me enough to ask how I feel about it. The world seizes each opportunity and go hard for it. Can you believe they have the audacity to live each day as if it were their last? I require you believe and NOT doubt. I require complete trust. I require that you’re anxious for nothing. I require child like faith. I require living each day as if it’s your last. So what requirements did you do? For truly if you do what’s required then these conversations will cease. I’m just saying..”

Never be afraid to ask God anything, but don’t get upset when He answers.

Much Love,

Tracy B


Don’t just listen; hear it……..

John 10:10 “The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”

God is saying to all that desire to hear,

management-training-listening-skills1“Every promise I’ve spoken over you, every dream I’ve placed in your spirit, even the secret petitions of your heart, the dreams you haven’t told anyone about, I still have every intention of bringing them to pass.” Stay close to Me. Obey My Word and move forward in the blessing and victory I have prepared for you! This is becoming a season of recovery–a time when you will have opportunities to recover all that has been lost.  You must not dwell on your losses, but have faith in this new beginning.  For, I tell you honestly, that what is done is done; what is past is past.  You can do nothing to change what has been; but you can make the most of the days ahead by allowing My Spirit to be your Guide.

Today, don’t give up on a promise just because you’ve been waiting a long time. Dig your heels in. Put on a new attitude and wait for the manifest.


Tracy B


Just a thought to consider…..

Don’t consider your circumstance, consider your God!

images-56When life happens it can either be the worst or the best day of your life. It’s completely up to you how you see the situation or circumstance. Whichever way you wish to perceive it just know that God sits high and looks down. He sees how it started and how it will end. With that being the case; why not consider the God of it all?

I consider my God in all things and when I do that He makes it all work for my good.

Much Love,

Tracy B