Look up and see….

It’s Saturday morning and all is well.

2000mario_and_melvin_van_peebles___empire_magazineFor the past few days, maybe even the past week I’ve been seeing and hearing things that have blown my mind. It’s not like I was looking to hear or see these things because I haven’t even thought on these things. I was just sitting on my bed minding my own business when BAAAM it came across my screen and stayed there until I decided to shift my focus to what was playing. I sat in amazement and disbelief that I was even watching Mario Van Peebles pay homage to his dad Melvin Van Peebles in his break out revolutionary movie Sweet Sweet Back Badassssss (1971). I was intrigued at his willingness to lose it all for the sake of a dream of having it all. His first move was to invest in himself, get the folk everyone else counted out and make them part of his plan & future. All the odds were against him. He had so many people telling him it’s not possible while closing the door in his face on a daily basis but he had a dream. He went so hard that he barely slept, ate, or even smiled. His eyes had become damaged from lack of rest but he kept pushing and patching things up because he had a dream. He finally finished the movie and was ready to present it to his target audience and then it hit him “I’m so busy trying to get the message to the people but what if they don’t want the message?” He quickly dismissed that thought and waited for the crowd but only three people showed up and left before the movie was finished. He sat in the empty theatre before walking across the street to get a drink. He couldn’t believe the turn out. Something had to be wrong. After all this was his dream. He did all he could do and for this to happen was disgraceful. He sat with his thoughts and head in his drink but decided to look up and that’s when he saw the manifestation and fruits of his labor. he later went on to gross $14 million and introduced the world to Earth Wind and Fire who was the main attraction to the soundtrack. I sat in awe with this thought…….

When you plant the seed add water then walk away for when you look up all will be well.

Much Love,

Tracy B


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