God is____________????

Since God is for you, who do you fear?

It’s easy to quote the passage of scripture that says “If God is for me then who can stand against me?” but do we really mean that? I pose the question because FEAR is still relevant and active in our lives. God is saying to us that HE has us in the palm of His hands, He has our back, front, side, top, bottom and every other angle.  Yet we still fear what man can do. Why is that?

46764nxufoh8b14Is it because we don’t really believe that God is? Do we not understand the depth of His power? Is it because we can’t see him tangibly? There could be so many reasons, justifications, excuses but the truth of it all is fear.

When God says YES no one can say NO. When God declares and decrees a thing then stand on that with all your being. When God says do not fear for I am with you, walk as if you are holding His hand.

It gets better when you really dare to believe GOD IS!

Much Love,

Tracy B


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