I’m just walking in it…..

Regardless of what it looks like, if God said it then it is so.

Happy Monday all. Lately God has dealt with me about having on the breast-plate of righteousness at all times. HE has also advised that I stay walking in the spirit with integrity and excellence. I asked why I’m being told this when I do  these things already and then it hit me. If God is telling me to do something then it means I’m missing something.

images-71“What am I missing? Have I made a mistake? I know I’m not perfect but I’m also not going around doing anything that will cause me trouble.”

“You are walking the path but you’re not walking in excellence. The gifts and talents I’ve placed in you are not being utilized. You’re cheating the world of My ministry. In all things do them with excellence so your gift will make room for you. Try everything because I can do anything.”

Only good and perfect gifts come from God. Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself to all HE has in store for you.

Much Love,

Tracy B




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