Show them what you’re saying….

There’s nothing left to say.

imagesSome times you just reach your end. End of conversation, end of relationship, end of the line, end of the rope; however you wish to word it just know I’ve reach my end and there’s nothing left to say. It’s been going on way to long and the back and forth MUST end. The constant roller coaster rides of my emotions, my job, my finances, my creativity and everything else that was affected has left me speechless. The trials and tribulations, the success and failure, the joy and pain, the sun and rain it has also left me speechless. I’ve had quite enough of the why me and why not them. So I’m not saying another word.  After all this is what God want (Be still, be quiet, be confident, be strong and of good courage)

When there’s nothing left to say then there’s only one thing left to do. I’ll show you!  

Much Love,

Tracy B


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