It’s never to late…….,

It’s not over until God says it’s over!

Since I’ve grown older in age I tend to have moments where I feel down because I’m not where I think I should be in life. I sometimes tell myself it’s too late, you’re too old, time is not on your side, your dream is never going to happen. I know I’m not alone in this but if I am then I’m speakingup4me! I sat alone in my bedroom just thinking what if I had done this, why didn’t I do this, if I only I had said or did this then I shoulda, woulda, coulda. That is a sad place to be let me tell you. It’s no fun feeling like you’re a failure because you haven’t, didn’t, wouldn’t, couldn’t, or any other negative thought. Then He spoke

images-68“The victory comes when you see yourself as a victor and not a victim of circumstances. As long as there is breath in your body then it’s never too late. I can take one day and shift your entire world around. I can restore the years and give you the energy and stamina of a child. Age is not a factor and neither is time for I created it all. Do you believe me? It’s not over until I say it’s over. It’s only the beginning. I want you to have a fresh start, new anointing and faith that makes me blush. Now you can either stay on this level or go higher with me. Don’t sit around wasting time when I go so much for you to do. Now what do you choose?”

I’m going with God all the way.

Much Love,

Tracy B


Look up and see….

It’s Saturday morning and all is well.

2000mario_and_melvin_van_peebles___empire_magazineFor the past few days, maybe even the past week I’ve been seeing and hearing things that have blown my mind. It’s not like I was looking to hear or see these things because I haven’t even thought on these things. I was just sitting on my bed minding my own business when BAAAM it came across my screen and stayed there until I decided to shift my focus to what was playing. I sat in amazement and disbelief that I was even watching Mario Van Peebles pay homage to his dad Melvin Van Peebles in his break out revolutionary movie Sweet Sweet Back Badassssss (1971). I was intrigued at his willingness to lose it all for the sake of a dream of having it all. His first move was to invest in himself, get the folk everyone else counted out and make them part of his plan & future. All the odds were against him. He had so many people telling him it’s not possible while closing the door in his face on a daily basis but he had a dream. He went so hard that he barely slept, ate, or even smiled. His eyes had become damaged from lack of rest but he kept pushing and patching things up because he had a dream. He finally finished the movie and was ready to present it to his target audience and then it hit him “I’m so busy trying to get the message to the people but what if they don’t want the message?” He quickly dismissed that thought and waited for the crowd but only three people showed up and left before the movie was finished. He sat in the empty theatre before walking across the street to get a drink. He couldn’t believe the turn out. Something had to be wrong. After all this was his dream. He did all he could do and for this to happen was disgraceful. He sat with his thoughts and head in his drink but decided to look up and that’s when he saw the manifestation and fruits of his labor. he later went on to gross $14 million and introduced the world to Earth Wind and Fire who was the main attraction to the soundtrack. I sat in awe with this thought…….

When you plant the seed add water then walk away for when you look up all will be well.

Much Love,

Tracy B

Treasure is found….

Sometimes you just have to go back to your first love and stay there! 

After you’ve searched all over & couldn’t find nobody. You looked high and low  & still couldn’t find nobody. Nobody’s greater than my first love!!!

I thank you God for allowing me grace and safety throughout my travel ONLY to find all roads lead back to you ( the REAL treasure)!

Much Love,

Tracy B

It’s coming…..

Greater is coming!

There’s a shaking, beating and pressing in the spirit.


If it had not been for it all we would not be prepared for it all.

Much Love,

Tracy B

God is____________????

Since God is for you, who do you fear?

It’s easy to quote the passage of scripture that says “If God is for me then who can stand against me?” but do we really mean that? I pose the question because FEAR is still relevant and active in our lives. God is saying to us that HE has us in the palm of His hands, He has our back, front, side, top, bottom and every other angle.  Yet we still fear what man can do. Why is that?

46764nxufoh8b14Is it because we don’t really believe that God is? Do we not understand the depth of His power? Is it because we can’t see him tangibly? There could be so many reasons, justifications, excuses but the truth of it all is fear.

When God says YES no one can say NO. When God declares and decrees a thing then stand on that with all your being. When God says do not fear for I am with you, walk as if you are holding His hand.

It gets better when you really dare to believe GOD IS!

Much Love,

Tracy B

Move me please……

Just when I thought He was not listening

God says…….

photo_10785507_door-open-to-the-new-world-for-environmental-concept-and-idea“I’m going to move you from the back to the front; from being unqualified to being suddenly qualified; from being looked down on or disrespected to being esteemed and respected.”

I’m going to bless you on purpose. I’m going to move you up. I’m going to accelerate your dreams. I’m going to give you what you didn’t deserve. I’m going to shift you into a position that you could have never gotten to on your own.” Now, get ready for it. Stay in faith, stay in the Word, obey MY commands and stay faithful because I’m going to shift you into a place of greater blessing!

When God speaks I have to listen. This is not just for me but all who dare to believe!

Much Love,

Tracy B

Next stop, the land of more than enough…..

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Could you be mine?

I often wake up with a song in my head but it’s never been Mr. Rogers. Some of you may be too young to know who I’m speaking of but he would come on PBS and teach us about being social and getting along well with others. mr rogersHe was always a joy to watch him in different color sweaters and tennis shoes. He had this land of make believe you could follow him to on a train that talked. Oh how I loved the land of make believe. It actually help shape my imagination. I remember having heart wrenching problems as a child and would always find myself in a place I like to candy landcall Candy Land. It was such fun; peppermint ladders that reached the licorice rollercoaster rides, ice cream clouds, jolly rancher showers, and God was always there telling me whatever I desired was mine to have. Needless to say I would stay in Candy Land for hours. Then out of the blue Candy Land was no longer an option. God said I actually had to stay in the moment and deal with the situation at hand. I thought that was the worst thing HE could have done. “How and why would you take away my way of escape? Candy land is not hurting anyone. In fact it’s keeping me from hurting everyone including self. So why take it away?”

Candy Land is simple, it’s common, it’s all there is but now I want to take you somewhere different. Somewhere you can’t even imagine. But the only way to get there is by facing and solving the issues of life. In doing this, I know you can operate in the REAL land I have for you, Which do you desire, what you’ve created or what I’ve designed just for you?

I’m rolling with God all the way because only HE take me to the land of milk, honey and more than enough!

Much Love,

Tracy B

What day you on???….

It’s hump day but why is it actually called that?

I guess it’s because you’re getting closer to Friday but is that really what this is all about? One day? Am I only allowed to have fun on Friday? Am I only to feel good or at my best on this day? Am I supposed to get extra spurts of energy because I’m closer to the weekend?

I am not knocking anyone for loving Friday or thanking God it’s Friday. I am also thankful for having two days without it. I’m simply saying I’m in the process of living and thinking like everyday is Friday. Less talking, more obeying; walking sunsetin the spirit by treating each day as the gift (present) God has given you. Can you imagine each day being like Friday? But can you also imagine obeying God daily? I told y’all I’m all talked out so He took control and now I’m taking off.

Feels like a good Friday afternoon, the weathers just right, you’re hanging out with the ones you love. The atmosphere is amazing. It’s drinking, dancing, mentally stimulating conversation everywhere. Yap!! something like that!! That’s that Friday mentality process I’m in.

While you’re trying to figure it out God’s already worked it out! He’s just awesome like that!

Much Love,

Tracy B

Knowledge truly is power…….

Knowledge, what does it really mean?

I’ve heard so many different things. Some would say knowledge is knowing all things. Some say knowledge is power, freedom, and a pinch of wisdom sprinkled on top. It almost sounds like a recipe for success or disaster.

I must say the best definition I’ve heard for knowledge was from my son. I sat in awe as I listened to him explain this to me on his 21st abatista_7 60 babiesbirthday.

“It’s pretty simple,” he said…“Mom, knowledge is knowing the ledge before falling off the edge. You have to know how far you’re willing to go for what you call knowledge.”

I smiled widely knowing that I’ve just learned a great secret and so I thought I’d share this with you all. It may not be much but when your children tell you they’ve learned how far to go before disaster strikes that should make you feel all warm and tinkly inside.

The promises of God is true. Raise a child in the way they should go and when they are old they will not depart from such teachings!

Much Love,

Tracy B

I’m just walking in it…..

Regardless of what it looks like, if God said it then it is so.

Happy Monday all. Lately God has dealt with me about having on the breast-plate of righteousness at all times. HE has also advised that I stay walking in the spirit with integrity and excellence. I asked why I’m being told this when I do  these things already and then it hit me. If God is telling me to do something then it means I’m missing something.

images-71“What am I missing? Have I made a mistake? I know I’m not perfect but I’m also not going around doing anything that will cause me trouble.”

“You are walking the path but you’re not walking in excellence. The gifts and talents I’ve placed in you are not being utilized. You’re cheating the world of My ministry. In all things do them with excellence so your gift will make room for you. Try everything because I can do anything.”

Only good and perfect gifts come from God. Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself to all HE has in store for you.

Much Love,

Tracy B