I see it now…….

There’s a leak in this old building and my soul has got to move.

images-72Although this is part of a song it’s my testimony for today. There’s a leak in my relationship. I have gotten off course, lost focus, and allowed distractions to delay me. I woke up this morning wanting to slap myself. I thought about the events leading up to this day and could not believe how negative and powerful I can be. I heard the voice of my mother ringing in my ears saying “Now baby girl why would you handle it like that? You can’t sit around worrying about what and how someone else is getting things done. You got to do this for yourself. Don’t get mad when you see injustice or unfairness because you went looking for it. If your focus was on what it should be then you wouldn’t have time to think or discover any type of politics within anything. Don’t speak on what is seen, speak on what is unseen and cause that to be your reality.” I sat looking in the mirror dumbfounded at my truth. I had lost focus and its affected multiple areas in my life. It even affected others around me. I was speaking my problems and others jumped on board. Now I have to go back and right my wrong but even in doing that I know God is with me. If you find yourself relating to this then please shift your mindset and focus on making you better than before.

Today I see the light and I’m walking in the newness of it.

Much Love,

Tracy B


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