WIIFM-What’s in it for me????

Make sure your motives are pure with every action!

WIIFM- What’s in it for me?  Lots of us tend to live by this factor. As consumers we buy items because of this principle. We’re always looking into the WIIFM. I even had this principle tied to my obedience to God. I wanted to do what HE wanted from me when it was beneficial for me. When it’s just labor and no reward I would say “that aint even of God.” I figured God was the same way. I thought He lived by the *if you do this then I will* factor but after asking  Him He shared His thoughts.

choices“I only want what’s best for you. I tell you to do this for me because I know what’s in it for you. It’s only good things, blessings, abundance, favor with both myself and man. Obedience is not to please me, it’s for you. What’s in it for you??? EVERYTHING you desire and even a little more!, But keep in mind I don’t force anything. You must choose to do right and when you make that choice the sky is just the beginning.”

Truly obedience is better than sacrifice.

Much Love,

Tracy B


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