Now you know…..

The glory of this present house will be greater than the glory of the former house, says the Lord Almighty. And in this place I will grant peace; declares the Lord Almighty.

images-21I don’t always reach everybody but if I can reach just one then God says I’ve done the most. With that being said I write what is on my heart. What makes me laugh, cry, praise, and surrender. I’ve gone through many challenges within the 302 blogs I’ve posted. I’ve lost jobs, money, friends, some family, and even the love I thought would be around forever but I’ve gained peace, joy, trust, faith and a new perspective of how I see this valley I’m in.

I know now I don’t walk alone. I know now it’s a valley to equip me for the victory ahead. I know now it’s not my battle to fight. I know now God is truly my source, my Savior, sustainer and in some occasions He’s been my shield. I know now that whatever God has for me IT IS FOR ME no matter how many traps man set for me!

You expect much and much is required so give careful thought to your ways.. Just thought you should know! 

Much Love,

Tracy B


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