It’s how I see it…..

May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight my Father God.

2761252333_5b46aebfd6 water colorsEach day I love you more and more. It may seem I’m in constant struggle with battles of flesh and spirit but I’m not. Well I am, but the struggle is not the battle itself but it’s my perception of the battle. I not so long ago thought I was losing. I felt defeated. You could see it on my face or read it in my words, however; my spirit kept my heart in perfect peace.  All I needed was one word from you Lord. That one word removed all the doubt. It caused the sun(SON) to shine and give me rest from the battles of my mind. For I now understand why the battle’s not mine in the first place. You have all the insight, where the enemy is, who it is, and how to defeat him. You’re the master of this plan. You told me the battle is already won and I have the victory. You even declared I COUNT IT ALL joy when I’m tested with trials of many kinds because this will help my faith develop perseverance. And perseverance must finish its work so that I can be who you’ve destined me to be; mature, complete and not lacking anything. So I thank you God this day for giving me that one word that shifted my atmosphere. Victory is mine and I love you God.

Blessed are we who perseveres under trials, for after being tested we will receive the crown of life which is the promise of God to those who love Him.

Much Love,

Tracy B




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