Decisions decisions…..

dcarrollWith all the craziness of judgments, verdicts, profiling, suspects, and senseless crimes going on I can barely breathe.

It’s been days since the verdict but the shock is still real. Of course I’m speaking of the Trayvon Martin fiasco.  I thought things were pretty clear of guilty with the evidence and all the holes in the story. However, the jurors spoke loud and clear when they finally reached their decision. The message I received was that my son could possibly have his time on earth shortened because he is a young black man. They also said that maybe our black sons/daughters should not walk through certain neighborhoods. Also, private citizens have the right to convert to police officers anytime they feel the need. It doesn’t matter if we’re walking home, running for exercise, or skipping in happiness if we are not the right skin color then we’re doomed. This is the message they sent to me loud and clear. Now I want to know how I should relay this to my children. Should I tell them to stay in the house after a certain time, don’t wear certain clothes, refrain from Skittles and Arizona Ice Tea?

There is wickedness in this world and all I can do is pray. Pray I don’t hurt anyone. So you can get years for dog-fighting, not paying your taxes, shooting yourself, lying in court, shooting a gun in the air to get someone off of you, stealing from your employee, writing bad checks and so forth but you can kill a young black man and receive “POOR ZIMMERMAN.” Are you kidding me???

If this were a young white boy being slayed by an older black man what do you think the verdict would have been?? Is it really justice for all????

Much Love,

Tracy B


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