Are you disciplined or distracted????

Morning All -)

God is a good God. He’s a great God. He can do anything but fail. He can move so many mountains out of my way. Oh God is a wonderful God.

Just thought I’d write the lyrics of the song playing on repeat in my spirit.

imagesCA8JSAFSMy son said to me “Momma, I hope you’re not letting life get you down. I hope you’re enjoying the blessings and not distracted by the obstacles. I’m glad you ended that job with that company because it’s not fit for a queen. The difference between you and successful people is discipline. Momma, become disciplined. Set short-term goals daily and check them off as you go along. Get prepared for the abundance!” I sat in awe. My mind was perplexed when I thought of the wisdom spewing from his lips to my ears. It reignited with my spirit and passion to treat each day as if it were my last. To be diligent, focused, and forever leaning on God for guidance.

Are you doing enough to be who you’ve always dreamed of being?

There will come a time when your sons and daughters will prophesy and old men will dream dreams. When that time comes harden not your hearts but receive what God is saying!!!

Much Love,

Tracy B


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