Who am I to you….

The whole world is in His hands!

When I think about that I can’t understand how HE can single me out to bless me if the entire world is around me. So I asked…

images-68“Father the whole world is in your hands. I’m having  a hard time trying to understand how I can have any significance within the world you love and created. I’m not special. I don’t have riches or fame. I’m just your creation.””Hmmm, let’s flip this if you will. How can you hear me outside of the world you created and love? How can I have any significance? How are you able to identify me speaking with all the things going on in your mind? “God that’s easy. I just listen for your voice, pulling of my spirit, your guidance of my next move. “So if it’s that easy for you to identify and single me out and I created you how hard do you really think it is for me to identify my daughter?? My ways, thoughts, actions are nothing like yours. I am sovereign. I am Alpha and Omega. The beginning and end. There is NOTHING to hard for me and there’s no way I will ever fail. I got this. You just stay within the flow of my spirit and watch all things work out for you good. I have you within the palm of my hand.”

Don’t fret! You are HIS blessed creation. He knows you, singled you out to bless you all because HE loves you that much!!

Much Love,

Tracy B


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