Today is blessed with beauty………

Journey if you will with me this week as I take you on this emotional rollercoaster ride.  Hold on tight because it may get bumpy along the way.  You can turn back now. Don’t read any further!!

the-world-as-i-see-itYou’re still here… Well today is a great Tuesday. Thus far I’ve opened my eyes and still beholding the beauty of this day. Even though the world, as I know it, has an appearance of falling apart I can still see the blessed beauty. I am blessed this day because God has allowed me the opportunity to create what I will with it. So Tuesday I choose to call blessed.  I’m thankful for the celebrations of my brother and best friend’s birthday. I’m thankful my children are blessed and doing well. I’m thankful my earthly father still lives and loves me. I’m thankful for my family. I’m thankful that my needs are met and my wants are within my reach. This emotion is blessed!!

Be thankful for what you have and think of nothing else and you will see the beauty in this day!

Much Love,

Tracy B


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