It’s how I see it…..

May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight my Father God.

2761252333_5b46aebfd6 water colorsEach day I love you more and more. It may seem I’m in constant struggle with battles of flesh and spirit but I’m not. Well I am, but the struggle is not the battle itself but it’s my perception of the battle. I not so long ago thought I was losing. I felt defeated. You could see it on my face or read it in my words, however; my spirit kept my heart in perfect peace.  All I needed was one word from you Lord. That one word removed all the doubt. It caused the sun(SON) to shine and give me rest from the battles of my mind. For I now understand why the battle’s not mine in the first place. You have all the insight, where the enemy is, who it is, and how to defeat him. You’re the master of this plan. You told me the battle is already won and I have the victory. You even declared I COUNT IT ALL joy when I’m tested with trials of many kinds because this will help my faith develop perseverance. And perseverance must finish its work so that I can be who you’ve destined me to be; mature, complete and not lacking anything. So I thank you God this day for giving me that one word that shifted my atmosphere. Victory is mine and I love you God.

Blessed are we who perseveres under trials, for after being tested we will receive the crown of life which is the promise of God to those who love Him.

Much Love,

Tracy B




Where are you???

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any crazier it did!!

I’m telling you my life is better than any reality show you can imagine. It gives you suspense, dysfunction, crazy love, drama, hustle life, beauty, ashes and complete madness. It’s something you wouldn’t believe unless you see it, but it’s mine to own and live. Is there anything I regret up to this point? I must honestly say no. Where I am is where I’m supposed to be. God has designed this. He has ordered my steps. He has walked this path before me and strategically placed me here in the middle of NO WHERE.

images-19“God why did you place me here? It’s crazy. It’s uncomfortable, unstable, unheard of. I’m in the middle of no where.” He stopped me abruptly with his laugh and sigh.

“My child, Oh how I love you so. You say with your mouth you’re ready but you never really want it. You say you trust me completely but you have all these questions. I know you. I created you. I know what you can handle, how much, and how often. And I know you’ve had enough so I placed you in the middle of what you call no where. However, my thoughts are beyond yours and I’m challenging you to change your mindset for your no where is now here!”

God can turn no where into now here; and when you’re in the right place at the right time… fill in the blank!

Much Love,

Tracy B

Request line is open……

Great Morning All


It’s Friday and the weekend is approaching. I’m just trying to be happy and this song makes me happy.

Hope you all enjoy “The One”


Much Love,

Tracy B

Life is for the living…..

I’m learning how to live for my life.

That’s a crazy thing to say right?? Well, not really. I have lots of things going on in my life. Some things I’ve caused with decisions I’ve made and then there are those things out of my control. Strange how He operates.

“God, I’m thinking this morning about living. Living each day as if it’s my last. No, I’m not saying I’m ready to die but just the opposite. I’m ready to live. I feel like with all the stress, struggle, and stagnation happening it’s surely not the way to live. I want my heaven on earth, my piece of the pie, my dreams manifested right now. I want to live in abundance like You promised.”

photo_10785507_door-open-to-the-new-world-for-environmental-concept-and-idea“You are indeed precious to me. You are the apple of my eyes and the reason I smile. Sometimes I even laugh at your tantrums. You’ve walked with me a long time and still don’t understand the difference between life and living. Just because I open your eyes and you inhale/exhale does not mean you’re living but you do have life. Just because you’re in a struggle, a valley, a crisis, a crunch don’t mean this is your life. It means you recognize there’s a problem. You feel off-balance, out of sync, and disconnected. This is normal and exactly where I need you to be. This my dear child is NOT the life I planned for you but live on because you’re about to walk into your promise.”

If you’re feeling like this can’t be the life designed for you to live chances are you’re right, but keep on living!

Much Love,

Tracy B


I’m just saying…..

I must admit I had a tad bit of an outburst with my last post and for that I wish to apologize. I don’t apologize for what was said but for the anger and emotion gripped to each word. I know that this tragedy is bitter-sweet for all parties involved. It’s bitter to the ones who hate injustice, prejudice, inequality and so forth and it’s sweet to the ones who love hatred.

images-53Today I have peace. I’m amazed with the strange moves God makes to get our attention. Never would I do such drastic moves to make a point, but then again I aint God. I’m just HIS child and it’s ok for me (you, US) to get angry but don’t sin in your anger. Meaning, don’t make someone hurt because you’re hurting. Don’t hate all races because of certain individuals. Don’t kill for revenge!

That’s not how I was created. My heart is big, my compassion is bigger. My spirit is full of love and my relationship with God (my Father) is too important for me to walk away from because I didn’t get my way. Spread love, not rumors. Speak compassion not condemnation.


There’s beauty in the ashes of separation called unity. Think about that for a moment.

Much Love,

Tracy B

Decisions decisions…..

dcarrollWith all the craziness of judgments, verdicts, profiling, suspects, and senseless crimes going on I can barely breathe.

It’s been days since the verdict but the shock is still real. Of course I’m speaking of the Trayvon Martin fiasco.  I thought things were pretty clear of guilty with the evidence and all the holes in the story. However, the jurors spoke loud and clear when they finally reached their decision. The message I received was that my son could possibly have his time on earth shortened because he is a young black man. They also said that maybe our black sons/daughters should not walk through certain neighborhoods. Also, private citizens have the right to convert to police officers anytime they feel the need. It doesn’t matter if we’re walking home, running for exercise, or skipping in happiness if we are not the right skin color then we’re doomed. This is the message they sent to me loud and clear. Now I want to know how I should relay this to my children. Should I tell them to stay in the house after a certain time, don’t wear certain clothes, refrain from Skittles and Arizona Ice Tea?

There is wickedness in this world and all I can do is pray. Pray I don’t hurt anyone. So you can get years for dog-fighting, not paying your taxes, shooting yourself, lying in court, shooting a gun in the air to get someone off of you, stealing from your employee, writing bad checks and so forth but you can kill a young black man and receive “POOR ZIMMERMAN.” Are you kidding me???

If this were a young white boy being slayed by an older black man what do you think the verdict would have been?? Is it really justice for all????

Much Love,

Tracy B

What’s your pace?????

I’ve been made aware of the pace I’ve been traveling and now realize I must slow down. The words of my heart yesterday, today and tomorrow.

“Slow Down”

So far from where I started out. So far from where I wanna be. Listening for answers in the wind, But can’t find a rock to plant my feet. Looking for love in all the wrong places. Down on my knees and now I’m praying for patience. I know there’s gotta be a better way. In the back of my mind I hear my momma say Slow down baby ya goin to fast. You got your hands in the air With your Feet on the gas. You ’bout to wreck your future, Run from your past. You need to slow down before you go down baby.
Thinking the faster that I go The faster that I will reach my goal The race is not given to the swift But to the one who endureth. I thought that all of my obstacles were behind me. Walking around like I’m made out of diamond. I tripped and fell and it reminded me to move over and let the angels guide me. Slow down baby ya goin to fast. You got your hands in the air With your Feet on the gas. You ’bout to wreck your future, Run from your past. You need to slow down before you go down baby.
Sometimes you gotta be still, before you can get ahead. Be still, ask the universe for help, be real. You can’t do it all by yourself… Ah, No…No…
Much Love,
Tracy B

Are you disciplined or distracted????

Morning All -)

God is a good God. He’s a great God. He can do anything but fail. He can move so many mountains out of my way. Oh God is a wonderful God.

Just thought I’d write the lyrics of the song playing on repeat in my spirit.

imagesCA8JSAFSMy son said to me “Momma, I hope you’re not letting life get you down. I hope you’re enjoying the blessings and not distracted by the obstacles. I’m glad you ended that job with that company because it’s not fit for a queen. The difference between you and successful people is discipline. Momma, become disciplined. Set short-term goals daily and check them off as you go along. Get prepared for the abundance!” I sat in awe. My mind was perplexed when I thought of the wisdom spewing from his lips to my ears. It reignited with my spirit and passion to treat each day as if it were my last. To be diligent, focused, and forever leaning on God for guidance.

Are you doing enough to be who you’ve always dreamed of being?

There will come a time when your sons and daughters will prophesy and old men will dream dreams. When that time comes harden not your hearts but receive what God is saying!!!

Much Love,

Tracy B

Who am I to you….

The whole world is in His hands!

When I think about that I can’t understand how HE can single me out to bless me if the entire world is around me. So I asked…

images-68“Father the whole world is in your hands. I’m having  a hard time trying to understand how I can have any significance within the world you love and created. I’m not special. I don’t have riches or fame. I’m just your creation.””Hmmm, let’s flip this if you will. How can you hear me outside of the world you created and love? How can I have any significance? How are you able to identify me speaking with all the things going on in your mind? “God that’s easy. I just listen for your voice, pulling of my spirit, your guidance of my next move. “So if it’s that easy for you to identify and single me out and I created you how hard do you really think it is for me to identify my daughter?? My ways, thoughts, actions are nothing like yours. I am sovereign. I am Alpha and Omega. The beginning and end. There is NOTHING to hard for me and there’s no way I will ever fail. I got this. You just stay within the flow of my spirit and watch all things work out for you good. I have you within the palm of my hand.”

Don’t fret! You are HIS blessed creation. He knows you, singled you out to bless you all because HE loves you that much!!

Much Love,

Tracy B

Surprise me…..

This is what they call hump day but I’m calling this day surprising.

91094-Royalty-Free-RF-Clipart-Illustration-Of-A-Businessman-Holding-A-Key-In-A-Desert-Of-DoorsToday I expect favor. I expect fairness. I expect abundance. I expect promises manifested. I just have a spirit of expectancy. I’m looking for God to show out on my behalf today. I’m leaving no stone unturned nor leaving anything to chance. I’m expecting good and not evil. Joy and not pain. Sun and not rain. I’m expecting God to do just what He said He would do. He will stand by His word and come through. For I know no weapon formed against me or mine shall prosper it just wont work. God created the blacksmith, the spoiler, the weapons but He also created the destroyer of such things and I expect to get back everything that was stolen 100 fold return! I’ve been given the key of faith and I’m opening the door!!!!

Today have a spirit of expectancy and get just what you’re expecting!!!

Much Love,

Tracy B