Just so very thankful….

Today is the beginning of the new chapter of my life.

I’ve always said it’s great to begin again but I’ve not always wanted to do that.  I’ve stated in previous post that I am forced into this change, this new beginning, this next level of my life. It’s quite uncomfortable but I must say I thank God my needs are met. My wants (well that’s a thing of the past for now). 

unwrappedThumbnail-1New things are on the horizon,not just for me, but for my children as well. We’ve all gone through the fire and though the fire was hot we did not get burned. Got a tad bit of the residue smell and ash upon us but we’re still in tact. UNITED WE STAND!!!

I love my Father God for blessing me with such favor, grace, mercy and forgiveness. Enjoy your day, afternoon, evening and night. Remember to count your blessings!!-)

Much Love,

Tracy B


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