Walk right into destiny!!!!

There’s nothing wrong with your destiny taking time.  Just make certain it’s right.

avant-garde fur brown shoesWhen given a task I seem to think I’m under a specific deadline. At least I place myself on a deadline to push me towards getting it done. I can very well be lazy at times and get tired of doing the same thing and right in the middle of it or near the end I become non productive. I know I’m alone in this so once again I’m speakingup4me! LOL So setting deadlines have become my friend! God gives us task as well. I placed myself on a deadline to get it done and it seemed the harder I pushed to make it happen the more painful the resistance. I didn’t quite understand how this could happen when He clearly sees I am trying to do what He desires of me. I prayed about it, cried about it, whined about it, complained about it, then finally said forget about it! Then He spoke….

“Tracy, you are so off the mark. You can’t control me, what I do, how I do and the timeframe of when it gets done. This is my plan for your life so I am going to do as I see fit. I never needed your help. I didn’t show you for you to work on it. I showed you so you could willingly allow me to get it done. But you didn’t! And then you tried with all your might, even tried persuading me to change my mind. So I had to block all your plans, shift your household, shake up your world and now you sit here upset saying you give up, forget what I have planned. All because you can’t control it. I am not a man I should lie, I don’t think like you. I see beyond your limitations. You don’t have to work hard, just work smart. Trust me and get out the driver’s seat. I know this road I’ve traveled it before. I got you. I know just the right moment to place you in your destiny.

Don’t rush God. TRUST HIM!

Much Love,

Tracy B


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