It’s my purpose to stand up!

Great morning to all!

Never give up on you, never stop forgiving you, and most important never stop loving you!

images-73I know for a fact I’m my own worst enemy. Can’t nobody beat me down like I can. Either I didn’t go hard enough, didn’t write witty enough, didn’t sing effective enough. Whatever the case may be the fact is I didn’t think I was good enough either before or after it was all said and done. But God is gracious enough to overlook all of my silly ways and still keep me in the land of the living. I know this is not by chance but on purpose. My purpose is to make a difference with each day God grants me. It’s not a day to be depressed, defeated, destroyed, diminished in power, but the total opposite.

I can’t give up on me because God has not and will not. He said His plan is that I am prosperous in health, wealth as well as my soul prospers. That is what I stand on, that is what I believe, and that is my purpose! I wont ever give up on me. I wont ever stop forgiving me and please believe I wont stop loving me.

God has smiled on me, He has set my mind free!

Much Love,

Tracy B


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