Answered prayer…..

This is just what Doctor God has ordered and I believe!!!.

I’d pray continuously for an answer but one day I stopped. I decided to finally believe either God will do it or I will be shown another way. No more praying, crying, worrying, or being sleep deprived. When I let God, HE says through His anointed Joel Osteen :::::

“…Though it tarries, wait for it; because it will surely come…”

(Habakkuk 2:3, NKJV)

If you will keep God first in everything you do, He promises that He is going to crown your efforts with success. Because you diligently seek Him, a reward is coming. Favor is coming. Good breaks are coming. Promotion is coming. A shift is coming. Healing is coming. Restoration is coming. It may seem like it’s taking a long time; you may feel like you’ve been 2761252333_5b46aebfd6 water colorsholding on forever, but keep holding on. The promise will be fulfilled through faith and patience.

Waiting doesn’t mean do nothing; it means get prepared. Now is the time to get ready. God doesn’t want you to live an average, ordinary life. Because you depend on Him, He is going to increase you. You are going to bear much fruit. He is going to make you more productive. You’re going to get more done in less time. He is going to make your life easier and take you where you could not go on your own. It’s going to be greater than you ever even dreamed of. Get ready because it’s coming — every promise you’ve stood in faith for, every dream He’s placed in your heart that you’ve contended for is coming to fruition in Jesus’ name!

I’ve learned and still learning that going through a process only means you’re being prepared by God; and when HE prepares you it’s not for just anything, it’s for the BEST things!!

Much Love,

Tracy B


Just so very thankful….

Today is the beginning of the new chapter of my life.

I’ve always said it’s great to begin again but I’ve not always wanted to do that.  I’ve stated in previous post that I am forced into this change, this new beginning, this next level of my life. It’s quite uncomfortable but I must say I thank God my needs are met. My wants (well that’s a thing of the past for now). 

unwrappedThumbnail-1New things are on the horizon,not just for me, but for my children as well. We’ve all gone through the fire and though the fire was hot we did not get burned. Got a tad bit of the residue smell and ash upon us but we’re still in tact. UNITED WE STAND!!!

I love my Father God for blessing me with such favor, grace, mercy and forgiveness. Enjoy your day, afternoon, evening and night. Remember to count your blessings!!-)

Much Love,

Tracy B

Just a couple of forevers’……….

Today I am thankful for all God has done, is doing, and will do for me.  It’s been a bumpy 2 years and some days I feel this mess will never end but then it’s times like this I just let go and LET GOD!!

I’m not asking for much my Father God,,, but just a couple of forever’s…..


Much Love,

Tracy B

Worth = priceless…..

Often days I must be reminded of the Queen in me. I can get down, depressed, disgusted, dysfunctional, distracted and everything else that dismiss what God has planted on the inside of me. I don’t know if you’ve felt like that or even feeling that way today. If so, here’s a small reminder that you’re worth more than gold!


Much Love,

Tracy B

Uknown trust I can’t comprehend….

Good evening.

I had another post ready to edit and publish but then I sat the Bible beside me.  I started looking for something specific but the fan blew to this….

My dear brothers(sisters/mankind), Take note of this, Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, for man’s anger does not bring about the righteous life that God desires.  Therefore, get rid of all moral filth and the evil that is so prevalent and humbly accept the word planted in you, which can save you. Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says. (James Chapter 1:19-22)

images-71I began thinking of it doesn’t matter what it looks like, feel like, smell like, sound like, taste like, play like it aint what God has planned and so I just need too..then

He spoke….”So don’t get caught up in the reality of the things here on earth.  I’m here to bring your dreams to pass in My realm and My way. I know what it looks like and it will stay this way until you allow Me to change it!!! You want to know how; By believing I can do all things. I AM the author and finisher of your faith. I AM your Creator. I make no mistakes. What is happening is happening because  you still want to control it. Just lean and rely on the words planted in your heart; the promise, the truth. I planned greatness and you shall see my plans manifest before your eyes. Still believe even when it looks its darkest for that’s when I’m doing My most awesome work behind the scene. I’m giving you your heart’s desires.”

I can’t give up. I have to keep pushing. I can’t fall back into darkness when HE has shown me a marvelous light!

Much Love,

Tracy B


Living word……….

Some days words just have no place. 

I can never understand when I have days like this, moments like this. I live for words, write words, speak words, twist words, sing words, but the only thing I can do lately and in those times is read the word. It keeps me in perfect peace even when chaos surrounds me. It gives me stability when my world is being shook up. It gives me guidance when I can’t seem to find my way. The word and I in those moments of silence become one and I wont complain…..


I guess the saying rings true… Reading is fundamental when your foundation is the living word!!! I’m learning I should speak less and listen more to the word!

Much Love,

Tracy B


Walk right into destiny!!!!

There’s nothing wrong with your destiny taking time.  Just make certain it’s right.

avant-garde fur brown shoesWhen given a task I seem to think I’m under a specific deadline. At least I place myself on a deadline to push me towards getting it done. I can very well be lazy at times and get tired of doing the same thing and right in the middle of it or near the end I become non productive. I know I’m alone in this so once again I’m speakingup4me! LOL So setting deadlines have become my friend! God gives us task as well. I placed myself on a deadline to get it done and it seemed the harder I pushed to make it happen the more painful the resistance. I didn’t quite understand how this could happen when He clearly sees I am trying to do what He desires of me. I prayed about it, cried about it, whined about it, complained about it, then finally said forget about it! Then He spoke….

“Tracy, you are so off the mark. You can’t control me, what I do, how I do and the timeframe of when it gets done. This is my plan for your life so I am going to do as I see fit. I never needed your help. I didn’t show you for you to work on it. I showed you so you could willingly allow me to get it done. But you didn’t! And then you tried with all your might, even tried persuading me to change my mind. So I had to block all your plans, shift your household, shake up your world and now you sit here upset saying you give up, forget what I have planned. All because you can’t control it. I am not a man I should lie, I don’t think like you. I see beyond your limitations. You don’t have to work hard, just work smart. Trust me and get out the driver’s seat. I know this road I’ve traveled it before. I got you. I know just the right moment to place you in your destiny.

Don’t rush God. TRUST HIM!

Much Love,

Tracy B

It’s my purpose to stand up!

Great morning to all!

Never give up on you, never stop forgiving you, and most important never stop loving you!

images-73I know for a fact I’m my own worst enemy. Can’t nobody beat me down like I can. Either I didn’t go hard enough, didn’t write witty enough, didn’t sing effective enough. Whatever the case may be the fact is I didn’t think I was good enough either before or after it was all said and done. But God is gracious enough to overlook all of my silly ways and still keep me in the land of the living. I know this is not by chance but on purpose. My purpose is to make a difference with each day God grants me. It’s not a day to be depressed, defeated, destroyed, diminished in power, but the total opposite.

I can’t give up on me because God has not and will not. He said His plan is that I am prosperous in health, wealth as well as my soul prospers. That is what I stand on, that is what I believe, and that is my purpose! I wont ever give up on me. I wont ever stop forgiving me and please believe I wont stop loving me.

God has smiled on me, He has set my mind free!

Much Love,

Tracy B