Reflections of open heart surgery…..

The heart is not in everything. You can’t just go around putting your heart in places it shouldn’t be” He said.

I thought about it for a second before replying. “There’s no way to separate one from the heart without the person losing existence. Without the heart one will die so I do believe the heart is in everything and all places. However, folk don’t always display love but as for me it’s all about love.” He smiled and replied with a plain and simple “Ok Mother Love!” I laughed and shook my head while rolling my eyes.

LLP_Logo85There use to be a time when I could care less  about anyone or thing but then God decided to perform open heart surgery on me. He placed me in a deep sleep and began the operations; however He didn’t use any type of pain meds. I felt everything. He pulled, pinched, removed, added, and clipped. I moaned, complained, cried, hollered, rebelled, and even threaten to just die but that didn’t stop Him for doing His best work. It was all said and done and there I stood wide awake. He smiled brightly while I stood puzzlingly. Blood was everywhere on Him but I was clean. He had this stone in His hand, a boulder looking thing. I couldn’t talk so I just pointed at it. He fed my curiosity.

“I’ve removed your heart of stone and replaced it with a heart of flesh. With this heart you will have feelings of compassion, gratitude, love, hurt, pain, love, and oh did I say love? You will be an emotional wreck at first but then it will all make sense if you allow the process to happen. It wont always feel right but I don’t make mistakes. Now go on and enjoy your new heart!”

Fast forward …I went from being called cold  and callous to being named Mother Love. God don’t make mistakes for now I see I’ve been processed!

It’s all about the heart of the matter!

Much Love,

Tracy B



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