7Up anyone???

Good day to you and happy Monday.img-7up-quick-sips-1_182732338859-2

Don’t let this day be dreadful. It’s a day you’ve never seen before. It’s a day specially designed for you. No matter what the weather is outside don’t allow it to reflect your joy inside.

I attended church service yesterday and fire was ignited within my soul. My spirit rejoiced from revelation after revelation. I finally got something that has been holding me back all my life. Do you know how light I feel about that? WOW!! pop pop fizz fizz oh what a relief it is!!

Once I received what God was saying to me I had to share it.

77777-2Stand UP– stop being shy allow the light to shine on all

Rise UP– don’t fear man when God has called you

Look UP– all your help comes from the FATHER no need to look down and out

Give it UP– let go of complacency and shake things up

Blow it UP – take your dreams by the wings and soar higher than you dare to dream

Turn UP-when it’s all said and done it’s party time

To be prepared is to allow the manufacture to process you! Once you’ve been processed you’ll be prepared! 

Much Love,
Tracy B



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