I can only be me…..

Does it really matter what or who someone believes in?

If they are good people, kind-hearted, loving, friendly, and living a life of peace does it really matter if they say Buddha, Allah, God, Jesus or anyone else? If who or what they believe has changed them from being a whoremonger to a born again virgin would you discredit the change all because they believe differently than you?

dcarrollI’ve seen this happen on many occasions yet folk love to say I am an original. So since you are an original and there is only one you why would it matter if someone was different? Shouldn’t they have that same right to believe and think how they wish too if it’s not harming anyone?

As Christians we sometimes go after the wrong people to bring the word of truth. Yes we are instructed to go out to the highways, bi-ways, beyond the four walls of the building and reach the ones that don’t have a foundation; but we’re too busy trying to change the ones who are attending church just like we are. We don’t like how they dress, they look, their way of talking, their activities, their way of praying, worship, and just about anything that is different from how we are.

Food for thought

God shaped, formed and molded us differently. Love folk for who they are and just worry about your relationship. Now that’s AGAPE!

Much Love,

Tracy B


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