It is as you see it!!!!!!!!!!…..

Don’t be angry about something that has yet to happen.

Think about it, you’re affected by something that could play out the way you SEE it and that ruins your moment. You can no longer focus because you’re replaying the scenario over and over again in your head. You’re angry and in emotional turmoil over something that has not even happened.

images-82I’ve been guilty of this many times. I would hear of a problem then think of all the ways it could/would play out and have all these emotions take over. I would be fearful, sad, helpless, guarded, angry, bitter, boisterous, losing, desperate, resentful and whatever other negative emotion came with my thoughts.  Next thing I know I was walking around already defeated and nothing had taken place physically (yet). Then when it would happen I figured I was physic because it happened as I saw it. So I challenged myself to see situations and circumstances play out in a way it worked for my good. In a way I’m benefiting and winning. Once I did that I began living in that moment. I smiled, was confident, hopeful, faithful, patient, happy, creative, victorious, attentive, helpful and all the positive emotions that came with my thoughts.  I wanted to win so I knew I had to see myself winning so I could physically see myself winning. (Makes sense?)

 See the moment God ordained for victory and never live defeated again!!’

Much Love,

Tracy B




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