She’s right…..

There’s nothing to fear when you face it with courage. 

aquarelle-kulik-catherine-earl-2011“We have to go through the rough times to get back to US” is what my daughter said. “It makes me feel good to see what people went through back in the day.” Why? I asked. “Because it makes me more appreciative of today. See mom you have to look at where you are today and compare it to back in the day and you will see that even the bad worked out for good. Mom you have to look at it that way with EVERYTHING. So with that being said you are taking me to see the movie 42 right?” Yeah I guess but I’m not happy about lil girl.

I couldn’t do anything but laugh because she was right but I will never tell her that. She will only know if she decides to read this blog.

Never underestimate the mind of a child. Even in all the jumbled talk there is sense to be made of it!

Much Love,

Tracy B


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