Creating my day…..

Happy Monday!-)

Imagine if you will with me today.  I was sitting in the movie theater when God started speaking. I of course searched for a pin in my purse and scribbled in the dark. I didn’t want to forget the importance of what HE spoke to my spirit in that moment.

create“Your life is what you make of it. Truly you orchestrate of all this. I give daily presents for you to create so take advantage.”

“What do you mean by daily presents? Am I missing something? Or are you simply speaking of  giving me life each day?”

“Yes you’re almost there. I give you life but I present it as a blank piece of paper. The gift is that each day its brand new. No marks or mistakes of yesterday. It’s given to you each day to write out how it will turn out. I never use permanent markers. I only use tools with erasers so you can rewrite whatever you need to. Now I know how it’s going to all turn out based on what you’ve created.” 

“So I hold all the power?”

“I sure give good gifts!”

I chuckled a bit but realized I am truly blessed and if you’re reading this you are as well.

Start creating your life knowing you have power to do so.

Much Love,

Tracy B


This is how I know…..

How do I know God is real? I’m glad you asked…..

images-68He woke me up this morning, what a blessing. He’s allowing me to see a day I’ve never seen before. He’s allowing me a chance to do things a different way and live this day to the fullest. He’s providing me brand new grace and mercy. He’s given me the activities of my limbs. I’m breathing oxygen without the need of a mechanical device. He gives me 100% of my income and only ask for 10% back giving me even more; meanwhile the government takes whatever they desire without asking my permission. He watches over my family keeping them safe from dangers seen and unseen. He allows the SON to shine and brighten my pathway. He gives me pretty flowers to look upon and smell on a daily basis. He surrounds me with love constantly from my beautiful children. He whispers sweet things in my ear all day and night. 

It’s just the little things He does that shows me He is indeed the real deal! Get to know HIM and you will never be the same.

Much Love,

Tracy B 

7Up anyone???

Good day to you and happy Monday.img-7up-quick-sips-1_182732338859-2

Don’t let this day be dreadful. It’s a day you’ve never seen before. It’s a day specially designed for you. No matter what the weather is outside don’t allow it to reflect your joy inside.

I attended church service yesterday and fire was ignited within my soul. My spirit rejoiced from revelation after revelation. I finally got something that has been holding me back all my life. Do you know how light I feel about that? WOW!! pop pop fizz fizz oh what a relief it is!!

Once I received what God was saying to me I had to share it.

77777-2Stand UP– stop being shy allow the light to shine on all

Rise UP– don’t fear man when God has called you

Look UP– all your help comes from the FATHER no need to look down and out

Give it UP– let go of complacency and shake things up

Blow it UP – take your dreams by the wings and soar higher than you dare to dream

Turn UP-when it’s all said and done it’s party time

To be prepared is to allow the manufacture to process you! Once you’ve been processed you’ll be prepared! 

Much Love,
Tracy B


I might as well……

It’s Friday and all is well.

abatista_16 sun beautyToday I celebrate life and life in abundance. It’s one that God has granted me to live as I desire so I might as well be great. I might as well smile and be happy. I might as well live worry free because I discovered getting bills in the mail wont kill me so it aint gone stress me. I might as well go for my dreams because I never know when God will turn off the lights and I dream no more. I might as well share the good news of what I’ve discovered because someone just might get it and decide to celebrate life with me. You might as well!!!!

Appreciate where you are, dream big, live without worry, love with trust, and respect others! And do it all in great abundance.


Much Love,

Tracy B

Not going back…..

Happy hump day!

Today I make this declaration for God has made all things new and I will follow HIM forward!

Much Love,

Tracy B

I love what I have…..

Until you accept the fact that you are fearfully and wonderfully made then you will NEVER appreciate the REAL YOU!

I was able to catch this on OWN and it was truly life changing.  God don’t make mistakes.

So what do you think? 🙂

Much Love,

Tracy B

Give to get…..

Happy Friday! I’m enjoying the process.

It’s trial after trial but I’m enjoying the process. Obstacle after obstacle but I’m enjoying the process. Struggle after struggle but I’m enjoying the process. Closed door after closed-door but I’m enjoying the process.  Bill after bill but I’m enjoying the process.

images-65All I can do is think over the years of when responsibility first kicked in and how struggle came shortly after. Then I think of how I called out to God for help and He did just that. I found the process to be extremely difficult to deal with but when He blessed me I somehow appreciated the process. I was even thankful I’d went through all of that because it lead me to a great blessing. Now I sit here thinking about what I’m going through so I’ve called out for help and my oh my when I see this blessing it’s gonna be even bigger than these problems. I will sho nuff appreciate the process.

Food for thought

To whom MUCH is given MUCH MORE is required! 

No matter what God is taking you through, enjoy the process.  For at the end of it all is utopia and that’s a promise!!

Much Love,

Tracy B

I can only be me…..

Does it really matter what or who someone believes in?

If they are good people, kind-hearted, loving, friendly, and living a life of peace does it really matter if they say Buddha, Allah, God, Jesus or anyone else? If who or what they believe has changed them from being a whoremonger to a born again virgin would you discredit the change all because they believe differently than you?

dcarrollI’ve seen this happen on many occasions yet folk love to say I am an original. So since you are an original and there is only one you why would it matter if someone was different? Shouldn’t they have that same right to believe and think how they wish too if it’s not harming anyone?

As Christians we sometimes go after the wrong people to bring the word of truth. Yes we are instructed to go out to the highways, bi-ways, beyond the four walls of the building and reach the ones that don’t have a foundation; but we’re too busy trying to change the ones who are attending church just like we are. We don’t like how they dress, they look, their way of talking, their activities, their way of praying, worship, and just about anything that is different from how we are.

Food for thought

God shaped, formed and molded us differently. Love folk for who they are and just worry about your relationship. Now that’s AGAPE!

Much Love,

Tracy B

It is as you see it!!!!!!!!!!…..

Don’t be angry about something that has yet to happen.

Think about it, you’re affected by something that could play out the way you SEE it and that ruins your moment. You can no longer focus because you’re replaying the scenario over and over again in your head. You’re angry and in emotional turmoil over something that has not even happened.

images-82I’ve been guilty of this many times. I would hear of a problem then think of all the ways it could/would play out and have all these emotions take over. I would be fearful, sad, helpless, guarded, angry, bitter, boisterous, losing, desperate, resentful and whatever other negative emotion came with my thoughts.  Next thing I know I was walking around already defeated and nothing had taken place physically (yet). Then when it would happen I figured I was physic because it happened as I saw it. So I challenged myself to see situations and circumstances play out in a way it worked for my good. In a way I’m benefiting and winning. Once I did that I began living in that moment. I smiled, was confident, hopeful, faithful, patient, happy, creative, victorious, attentive, helpful and all the positive emotions that came with my thoughts.  I wanted to win so I knew I had to see myself winning so I could physically see myself winning. (Makes sense?)

 See the moment God ordained for victory and never live defeated again!!’

Much Love,

Tracy B



Let’s spring into action….

It’s just something about this springtime weather. It just does something to me on the inside. My creativity burst, my smile is even more radiant, my love overflows, my peace surpasses my own intellect. It’s like everything is just perfect.

Come on and smile with me… after all it’s SPRINGTIME!

Much Love,

Tracy B