Blessed humility……….

It’s wild what God can do in a matter of months when you’re humble and most important OBEDIENT.

I say this because as you all know I was at a job where humility was something I had to perfect on a daily basis. I had people being rude, calling me out of my name, cutting my hours, adding hours when I asked to be off, and so on.  Needless to say I was tired of it but daily I went in with a smile and constantly reminded myself that God is in control.

images-71Fast forward 3 months later I was able to leave the job that acted as if they didn’t really want me as an employee to deciding between which job I’m going to take. It’s crazy that I’m debating on which company to pursue for the long haul (which might not be long at all with the doors and windows God’s opening).

I’m sure I will make the right decision because I’ve consulted with the one and only consultant.

I’m saying all this to say when you’re obedient EXPECT to be blessed abundantly.

Much Love,

Tracy B


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