Potter’s wheel….

I’m trying to turn on the TV so I can have some noise as I attempt to clean my bedroom once again but my remote had no batteries. I began searching for the fully charged batteries, placed them in the remote, pushed the power button to turn it on and nothing happened. “Wait, these batteries are fully charged. There’s no way this shouldn’t work” and then it hit me. I have to reprogram this universal remote each time I remove the batteries. I looked through my many journals for the pass code but only came across this….

images-2Lord keep a guard over my mouth so that I speak no evil. Keep my heart compassionate so that I do no evil. Keep my troubles few so that I fear no evil. The rain is pouring and my tears are like the rain. Things have escalated but I know it’s not the end. For in fact it’s a precious beginning of the new creation of me. Each time you remove something from me reprogram me to expect something new!

(Just like my remote. Hmm it’s funny how God gets a word to you with the simplest things.)

My own words encouraged me this day and for that I am thankful. I pray you’re encouraged even in the midst of your storms for God has placed you on the potter’s wheel and making you over again. Enjoy the spinning, the heat, the reconfiguration, the snatching, the rips, the tears, the hands on experience; because once it’s all over and you look at yourself things will be brand new and better than before.

Much Love,

Tracy B


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