I don’t control this…..


Life for me in this phase is all about losing control. 


For the longest time I was the biggest control freak. I would try to control my job, my children, my family interactions, my love relationships and even God. Of course I thought I was doing an awesome job, even when things failed, because it was what I’d expected to take place. I thought I had complete control then life happened and everything I thought I knew went ballistic. I was thinking of ways to turn things around and make it work in the manner I thought was more fitting. BUT GOD!!!


10955471-beautiful-black-woman-cartoon-woman-character-in-an-orange-dress-drinking-a-glass-of-wine-at-the-barGod has a way of showing you who’s in complete control of it all. I couldn’t believe I was losing control and actually had no control over that. I couldn’t believe God would place me in situations and circumstances that made me trust HIM completely. I mean, I always said I believed, God is my source, I don’t doubt, I have it all together and all the other Christian cliché’s you can think of but none of that meant anything when I realized I had NO CONTROL.



Today I sit writing this blog and still laugh at the events that have taken place and still taking place that I have no control over. I just have to trust God is going to work it all out and work it out for my good.


Let Go and truly Allow God!!!


I didn’t see any real results until I decided to see God for who He is

Much Love,



Tracy B







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