Shall I or not?????……

Well let’s see …It’s Friday yeah for some and just another weekday for others who work even on the weekends; but nevertheless I say happy Friday to you!

I have not brew my coffee just yet because I’ve been out running errands and trying to take care of business in a rush. However, before I could even get out of bed my phone vibrated (groggy)images-42 “Hello” “Good morning Tracy, did I wake you?” “Oh no, I’m up making sure my daughter gets off to school on time.” (I was somewhat sleep-LOL) “Well good news, you start on Monday. You must have really impressed someone because they are excited about you.” “Oh really, that’s great. “So it’s morning shift this week, and you’re off on Friday” I thought that’s perfect because I have another interview set up Friday evening and I didn’t even have to try to get off work. How wonderful is that. She interrupted my thought “And you will continue where you left off Saturday morning” “Ok thanks for all your help.” Call ended WHAT! I gotta work weekends still? Ok Lord I trust you. You know all things and I’m going to press on anyhow.

So now I’m wondering should I even go in to my (cut hours job) on tomorrow or shall I just really cut back and enjoy my weekend before starting my new venture?

What would you do????

Much Love,

Tracy B


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