The call before coffee……

I’ve learned that storms brew just like my morning coffee. There’s always a sound to notify you when it’s just about ready!

As the cool water poured in the back of the coffee pot becomes hot and starts to brew it almost sounds like a phone vibrating on a wooden table.  And the aroma that floats through the air really gets me going. It’s like I can taste the coffee before it even hits my palate. (Refreshing!)

So I just decided to sit down for a second and just listen and then my phone began to vibrate. images-75Hello” “Good news, you have an interview today. Can you make it?” “Yes I can make it. I get off work at 2 so anytime after that is great.” “Fine, I’ve got you scheduled. Do some history of the company, get familiar, come professional, be enthusiastic, and oh by the way the hours are crazy. Enjoy!” The call ended. I WHAT! I hate crazy hours. I’m not use to this. I don’t know God, but I will show up anyway. Phone vibrates again. “Hello” “Hey Tracy, I know you’re scheduled to come in and work today for 2 hours but I’m going to cut your hours so just take the day off.” “But I need my money. You’ve already had me off 3 days this week and why is it my hours are the only one being cut?” “I’m with a customer but if you want to come in for an explanation besides I’m cutting back hours feel free to do so.” “No, its fine thanks for the call.” The call ended WHAT! This is crazy, I’m not use to this either. I don’t know God but I will press on anyway. Phone vibrates displaying a text message “Hey girl you work today?” turns off phone and laugh out loud. What is the meaning of this story? I don’t know but stayed tuned for part 2 after the interview.


Much Love,

Tracy B


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