Happy Friday!!!


I just wanted to share this song with all of you because it’s been in my spirit. I’ve been walking around singing this all yesterday and even woke up singing it. Not sure why this particular song until I listened to the words. It’s crazy how God can use anyone to get HIS  message across. Even in the midst of it all please KEEP YO HEAD UP!!!


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Much Love,

Tracy B







Blessed humility……….

It’s wild what God can do in a matter of months when you’re humble and most important OBEDIENT.

I say this because as you all know I was at a job where humility was something I had to perfect on a daily basis. I had people being rude, calling me out of my name, cutting my hours, adding hours when I asked to be off, and so on.  Needless to say I was tired of it but daily I went in with a smile and constantly reminded myself that God is in control.

images-71Fast forward 3 months later I was able to leave the job that acted as if they didn’t really want me as an employee to deciding between which job I’m going to take. It’s crazy that I’m debating on which company to pursue for the long haul (which might not be long at all with the doors and windows God’s opening).

I’m sure I will make the right decision because I’ve consulted with the one and only consultant.

I’m saying all this to say when you’re obedient EXPECT to be blessed abundantly.

Much Love,

Tracy B

Potter’s wheel….

I’m trying to turn on the TV so I can have some noise as I attempt to clean my bedroom once again but my remote had no batteries. I began searching for the fully charged batteries, placed them in the remote, pushed the power button to turn it on and nothing happened. “Wait, these batteries are fully charged. There’s no way this shouldn’t work” and then it hit me. I have to reprogram this universal remote each time I remove the batteries. I looked through my many journals for the pass code but only came across this….

images-2Lord keep a guard over my mouth so that I speak no evil. Keep my heart compassionate so that I do no evil. Keep my troubles few so that I fear no evil. The rain is pouring and my tears are like the rain. Things have escalated but I know it’s not the end. For in fact it’s a precious beginning of the new creation of me. Each time you remove something from me reprogram me to expect something new!

(Just like my remote. Hmm it’s funny how God gets a word to you with the simplest things.)

My own words encouraged me this day and for that I am thankful. I pray you’re encouraged even in the midst of your storms for God has placed you on the potter’s wheel and making you over again. Enjoy the spinning, the heat, the reconfiguration, the snatching, the rips, the tears, the hands on experience; because once it’s all over and you look at yourself things will be brand new and better than before.

Much Love,

Tracy B

I don’t control this…..


Life for me in this phase is all about losing control. 


For the longest time I was the biggest control freak. I would try to control my job, my children, my family interactions, my love relationships and even God. Of course I thought I was doing an awesome job, even when things failed, because it was what I’d expected to take place. I thought I had complete control then life happened and everything I thought I knew went ballistic. I was thinking of ways to turn things around and make it work in the manner I thought was more fitting. BUT GOD!!!


10955471-beautiful-black-woman-cartoon-woman-character-in-an-orange-dress-drinking-a-glass-of-wine-at-the-barGod has a way of showing you who’s in complete control of it all. I couldn’t believe I was losing control and actually had no control over that. I couldn’t believe God would place me in situations and circumstances that made me trust HIM completely. I mean, I always said I believed, God is my source, I don’t doubt, I have it all together and all the other Christian cliché’s you can think of but none of that meant anything when I realized I had NO CONTROL.



Today I sit writing this blog and still laugh at the events that have taken place and still taking place that I have no control over. I just have to trust God is going to work it all out and work it out for my good.


Let Go and truly Allow God!!!


I didn’t see any real results until I decided to see God for who He is

Much Love,



Tracy B






Have your way…..

Careful not to become distracted from what God is teaching you. With all your might, heart and soul please remain focused. God is FOR YOU so with that being said it does not matter who is against you. ‘They aint bigga than God.’ 

Enjoy Ms Brit Nicole with me today.

Much Love,

Tracy B

This much I know…..


I never said I had all the answers, but I know the man who does.

I never said I was perfect, but I know the man who is.

I never said I was worthy, but I know the man who said I am.

I never declared me to be righteous in all things, but I know the man who made that declaration.

I never said I was all that, but I know the man who calls me the apple of his eye.

I never said it was possible, but I know the man who said all things are possible.

I never said anything that was worth listening to, but HE said when I speak He can’t help but hear me and answer.

I’m glad that if I know nothing else I know HIM.

Get to know Him and you will learn He’s all  you need to know!

Much Love,

Tracy B

You deserve this and more………

Dear God,

images-80You’re so deserving of my praise. You’re so awesome, so brilliant, so special, so unique, so….. Well I can go on and on about you. Just know I wont ever doubt you, not again, not ever because you continue to do so much. When you said ‘obedience is better than sacrifice’ I know NOW to  just do what  you say, when you say it. I’ve learned sacrifice can cost so much but even in that you still manage to show mercy, love, and grace by turning it all around for our good.  I’m often pondered with the question of why you love me so? What did I do so deserving of your unconditional love? Why pay the ultimate cost for me when you know of all my imperfections? You love me even when I have a hard time loving myself. Some sins I’ve committed I dared not even face the mirror and look at myself but those were the times you held me the tightest and rocked me in the cradle of your unconditional love. The comfort and peace you’ve placed in my heart, the joy you’ve given me in spite of the sorrow of the world around me, the hope and faith that it’s all a set up for my step up! The way you removed the fear by replacing it with courage. I’m still in awe about that. You’re just God and God all by yourself. Our relationship is like that of velcro, I’m so stuck on you. There’s none like you.

Ahhhh what an awesome God I serve. You’re so deserving of my praise. You’re so awesome, so brilliant, so special, so unique, so….. Well I’m sure you get the picture.

I love you and just ask that you continue to show me how to love you the right way.

Much Love,

Tracy B



All is forgiven…..

    Let’s fly high on the wings of forgiveness.

Love doesn’t keep a record of wrong and we shouldn’t either!


Much Love,

Tracy B


I must go….

Happy Monday my friends! Just wanted to share with you the conversation between me and my FATHER in hopes it will help someone as it did for me.

project11 Dream like this?“God, I’m familiar with this place, this comfort, this level of pain, this level of anointing and everything else but now you’re telling me to GO in the opposite direction of everything that’s familiar and on top of that you desire I shift my mind before I GO! God, are you sure you want to use me?

“I’ve never used anyone perfect so that makes you perfect to GO. You can’t be blessed if you’re stuck and afraid of the process. Be willing to go through what you have to go through because I desire you to be abundantly blessed. Know that I am with you through it all. I will NEVER leave or forsake you. I’m not a man who will lie to you. I will do what I’ve promised. JUST GO!”

“Hmm, you’re right God because I am tired of the same and you’ve never steered me wrong so I believe I’ll run on and see what the end gone be.”

“Tracy, no risk no reward. You must GO!”

There’s no longer a debate between us. I’ve learned to trust Him completely; to take Him at His word and just do what He desires for me. This is the only way to see your dreams come into manifestation. The process sucks but the reward is delicious.

Much Love,

Tracy B

Shall I or not?????……

Well let’s see …It’s Friday yeah for some and just another weekday for others who work even on the weekends; but nevertheless I say happy Friday to you!

I have not brew my coffee just yet because I’ve been out running errands and trying to take care of business in a rush. However, before I could even get out of bed my phone vibrated (groggy)images-42 “Hello” “Good morning Tracy, did I wake you?” “Oh no, I’m up making sure my daughter gets off to school on time.” (I was somewhat sleep-LOL) “Well good news, you start on Monday. You must have really impressed someone because they are excited about you.” “Oh really, that’s great. “So it’s morning shift this week, and you’re off on Friday” I thought that’s perfect because I have another interview set up Friday evening and I didn’t even have to try to get off work. How wonderful is that. She interrupted my thought “And you will continue where you left off Saturday morning” “Ok thanks for all your help.” Call ended WHAT! I gotta work weekends still? Ok Lord I trust you. You know all things and I’m going to press on anyhow.

So now I’m wondering should I even go in to my (cut hours job) on tomorrow or shall I just really cut back and enjoy my weekend before starting my new venture?

What would you do????

Much Love,

Tracy B