Wisdom is a gift……..

Change your environment before it changes you.

This is something I’ve always told my children. Be careful of the people you allow into your life, space, heart, and especially the ones you call friends.  Not everyone is your friend I would say. Not everyone is deserving of your time, attention, and your mind space. You don’t have to fit in. It’s quite alright to stand alone. I remember the times my mother would say those same words too me. She would say you’re an individual, you’re supposed to be by yourself. Allow folk to gravitate to you, don’t follow anyone, LEAD everyone by being you at all times. She always did have the perfect words at the perfect time. Her wisdom was beyond measure and it’s all I have to stand on.  She didn’t have loads of money or a family business to leave behind so she gave us the next best thing; which I’ve come to realize is the best thing. She left us with God ordained wisdom!

3 all phases of loveWith wisdom you can gain riches, have great health, power over injustice, and charming charisma.  People will naturally gravitate to you when you walk in wisdom.  Having this gift also allows you to choose real friends. Having wisdom comes with many gifts up under its umbrella; such as the gift of discerning things, smarts, power over fools, love, creation and my most important one of all, the gift of letting go!

We can’t all leave a legacy of money to our children but we can all leave something for them to stand on. Give your children the gift of wisdom. Be real with them. Don’t be so caught up in being a friend. Be a loving parent that give good gifts that last a lifetime.

Much Love,

Tracy B


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