Stop hating….

You can’t get what you hate! 

images-71Here’s the deal, somethings in life are just NOT for you.  I understand you’ve done what it takes, you’ve sown into your dreams, you’ve prayed long and hard about it and nothing seems to burst from it.  Have you ever stopped to think about how you treat the person who already has what you’re dreaming or desiring?  Are you happy for them? Are you congratulating them? Are you praying they get even more?

Well in my case I was not always the happiest for someone walking around with my answered prayer. I was somewhat upset. So I prayed and asked God why did He bless them with something they didn’t even work hard to get? God simply replied

“STOP HATING!!! How can I bless you with something better when you’re not even happy to see the promise or manifestation of your answered prayer in someone else? You’re sitting here judging and wondering why I am not fair. You know my word I am JUST, I don’t have favorites I just provide and produce favor. I rain on the just and unjust alike. If you want something from me then I first command you love me with all your heart, mind and soul THEN I ask you to love your neighbor as yourself. Hmmm, are you within my will? Are you obeying my commands? How can I bless disobedience? Why would I?”images-72

I replied with an answer God already knew…. “I was wrong Father. I didn’t know I was outside of your will. I was hating. I can’t get the promise if I’m in the way.”

Make sure you’re congratulating and not hating. You can’t get what you’re hating.

Much Love,

Tracy B



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