Perfect parents…..

Parents aren’t perfect, they’re just parents.

I don’t know if you’re a parent or a child being raised by one, I just want you to know and realize parents make mistakes.  Maybe I’m just speakingup4me as always to let someone know we’re human, NOT perfect. Often times when I can’t get my children the finer things I would feel like I’ve failed as a parent.stock-vector-parents-angry-at-their-child-because-of-test-fail-vector-illustration-84380941-1 Then there are those times when I felt like I got them way too much and they became so dependent that I failed again as a parent. And O’ Lawd if they make a bad decision I tend to think its a reflection of my parenting and once again I’ve failed.

Well here’s the thing…. I’m not perfect. I make mistakes BUT that doesn’t mean I’m a failure or I’ve failed. And I found that to be ok. I’m not alone. There are other parents that can relate to what I’m speaking of. images-69I learned parenting isn’t about being the perfect mother or father, it’s about being teachable, lovable, honorable, and for me spiritual. Make sure there’s love in the mix, you can’t go wrong when LOVE is involved.

Much Love,

Tracy B


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