The SisterHood

Great morning readers, fellow bloggers and friends. It’s Friday and the weekend is about to begin. As my daughter would say TURN UP!! Lol

images-69Ok, so here’s the deal. My Pastor & 1st Lady of  Oasis Family Life has been asked to be on a reality show called The SisterHood. It’s about the first ladies and how they deal with being married to a Pastor, the congregation, their own personal struggles; basically it’s a behind the scenes look.  The show airs on Tuesday @ 8/9 TLC. The show has been airing and we’re about 3 episodes in now.   So far so good for me. I haven’t seen anything that damages the faith or belief of a new or old Christian. However, there are blogs out here that speak ill of the show. Some lady named Ann Cook is working to get the show pulled from the air. I’m not sure why..  It seems as is Christian women or people period are not to display their personal self. Like we are never supposed to be transparent. Like everyday is supposed to be sunny.

One episode my Pastor Anthony Murray decided to speak with his daughters about sex. Now he does not want them to have sex outside of marriage but he also knows that reality says differently.  It’s up to the individual what choice they would make. With that being said, if they decided to make the choice then he wants them to be prepared so he got a banana and a condom and showed his daughters how to properly put it on and what to look for. He even revealed he did not wear protection and contracted various STD’s. Needless to say some folk were livid, but why? Others episodes included Tara/Brain the born again Jew and his black wife. Ivy/Mark the couple that love each other in and out of bed. Pastor Scott/Dominque the ex prostitute and junkie. Delana/Mike the picture perfect worshipers. The show is filled with REALITY, real life events, issues, and some craziness. The cast took a huge risk to be transparent and show you an inside peek into things they probably would like to keep secret but because GOD knows all things and reveals what’s done in the dark then why not His leaders.

I’m a huge fan of the show and will continue to watch it. I just want to know if they’ve gone too far in your opinion? What do you think it should be? but WAIT before you answer make sure to let me know if the cameras where following you & your family 24/7  how your story would unfold. Check out the clip


Much Love,

Tracy B


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