Stop hating….

You can’t get what you hate! 

images-71Here’s the deal, somethings in life are just NOT for you.  I understand you’ve done what it takes, you’ve sown into your dreams, you’ve prayed long and hard about it and nothing seems to burst from it.  Have you ever stopped to think about how you treat the person who already has what you’re dreaming or desiring?  Are you happy for them? Are you congratulating them? Are you praying they get even more?

Well in my case I was not always the happiest for someone walking around with my answered prayer. I was somewhat upset. So I prayed and asked God why did He bless them with something they didn’t even work hard to get? God simply replied

“STOP HATING!!! How can I bless you with something better when you’re not even happy to see the promise or manifestation of your answered prayer in someone else? You’re sitting here judging and wondering why I am not fair. You know my word I am JUST, I don’t have favorites I just provide and produce favor. I rain on the just and unjust alike. If you want something from me then I first command you love me with all your heart, mind and soul THEN I ask you to love your neighbor as yourself. Hmmm, are you within my will? Are you obeying my commands? How can I bless disobedience? Why would I?”images-72

I replied with an answer God already knew…. “I was wrong Father. I didn’t know I was outside of your will. I was hating. I can’t get the promise if I’m in the way.”

Make sure you’re congratulating and not hating. You can’t get what you’re hating.

Much Love,

Tracy B



I forgive me….

Forgive yourself today and break down destiny’s door tomorrow. 

images-57When you fall out of line, do something wrong, go against everything you said you would never do; forget your purpose; please don’t get upset and stop pushing forward. See it as God writing your story so you can release to the world how you overcame.

You can not walk in condemnation. You can not sit around crying over past hurts, issues, love lost, doors closed, friends that walked out, opportunities gone, or any other thing that could possibly stop you. You are destined to make mistakes. You are destined to falter. You are destined for imperfections. That is what makes you perfectly human. You have to fail at something to know what you’re great at.

Forgive yourself, brush off the dirt of yesterday and put on the new mercy and grace garment of today.

God is waiting on you to step up so He can show out. 

Much Love,

Tracy B

We are one!!!!!!!!

I declare and decree this day as being the National Day of Love!

images-50If no one has told you today they love you, well allow me to be the first.

I LOVE YOU!!!! and I’m wishing you the best of the best today. I want you to be blessed beyond measure, favored beyond imagination and loved beyond your mistakes. You deserve to be celebrated. Enjoy your Friday and remember to go around and spread the love, not the rumors.




Much Love,

Tracy B

Perfect parents…..

Parents aren’t perfect, they’re just parents.

I don’t know if you’re a parent or a child being raised by one, I just want you to know and realize parents make mistakes.  Maybe I’m just speakingup4me as always to let someone know we’re human, NOT perfect. Often times when I can’t get my children the finer things I would feel like I’ve failed as a parent.stock-vector-parents-angry-at-their-child-because-of-test-fail-vector-illustration-84380941-1 Then there are those times when I felt like I got them way too much and they became so dependent that I failed again as a parent. And O’ Lawd if they make a bad decision I tend to think its a reflection of my parenting and once again I’ve failed.

Well here’s the thing…. I’m not perfect. I make mistakes BUT that doesn’t mean I’m a failure or I’ve failed. And I found that to be ok. I’m not alone. There are other parents that can relate to what I’m speaking of. images-69I learned parenting isn’t about being the perfect mother or father, it’s about being teachable, lovable, honorable, and for me spiritual. Make sure there’s love in the mix, you can’t go wrong when LOVE is involved.

Much Love,

Tracy B

How will you handle the power????

When you’re following hard after God’s promise you can get a bit frustrated and distracted. It’s up to you to stay focused on what’s true to you. 

Imagine life being a road if you will. Imagine your dreams and the manifestation of your dreams being on that same road. Now imagine the road being straight, but every 5th mile there’s a detour you can take. Imagine you’ve traveled 15 miles so far without deterring because you stayed focused on the road ahead and the manifestation waiting for you, but you can’t see the end of this road just yet. images-19So on the 20th mile you get mad, frustrated, give up and decide to detour.  However, God planned to send an angel to meet you with a special gift on the 21st mile. So to get you back on course God sends test, trials, tribulations, chaos, on this deterred path to lead you back on the path of getting what He has just for you.

Right before you get on the path you look back and see how far you’ve come, how strong you’ve gotten along this long journey, how many friends and loved ones you lost along the way, how many lies, rumors, backstabbing, struggles, poverty, and punishment you’ve endured.  Strength comes over you and you realize that you can continue this journey a little longer. You began walking and finally meet the angel holding your special gift.

You open it and realize this gift gives you the power to fly to the finish line. Now that you have this power what will you do with it? 

Much Love,

Tracy B

The SisterHood

Great morning readers, fellow bloggers and friends. It’s Friday and the weekend is about to begin. As my daughter would say TURN UP!! Lol

images-69Ok, so here’s the deal. My Pastor & 1st Lady of  Oasis Family Life has been asked to be on a reality show called The SisterHood. It’s about the first ladies and how they deal with being married to a Pastor, the congregation, their own personal struggles; basically it’s a behind the scenes look.  The show airs on Tuesday @ 8/9 TLC. The show has been airing and we’re about 3 episodes in now.   So far so good for me. I haven’t seen anything that damages the faith or belief of a new or old Christian. However, there are blogs out here that speak ill of the show. Some lady named Ann Cook is working to get the show pulled from the air. I’m not sure why..  It seems as is Christian women or people period are not to display their personal self. Like we are never supposed to be transparent. Like everyday is supposed to be sunny.

One episode my Pastor Anthony Murray decided to speak with his daughters about sex. Now he does not want them to have sex outside of marriage but he also knows that reality says differently.  It’s up to the individual what choice they would make. With that being said, if they decided to make the choice then he wants them to be prepared so he got a banana and a condom and showed his daughters how to properly put it on and what to look for. He even revealed he did not wear protection and contracted various STD’s. Needless to say some folk were livid, but why? Others episodes included Tara/Brain the born again Jew and his black wife. Ivy/Mark the couple that love each other in and out of bed. Pastor Scott/Dominque the ex prostitute and junkie. Delana/Mike the picture perfect worshipers. The show is filled with REALITY, real life events, issues, and some craziness. The cast took a huge risk to be transparent and show you an inside peek into things they probably would like to keep secret but because GOD knows all things and reveals what’s done in the dark then why not His leaders.

I’m a huge fan of the show and will continue to watch it. I just want to know if they’ve gone too far in your opinion? What do you think it should be? but WAIT before you answer make sure to let me know if the cameras where following you & your family 24/7  how your story would unfold. Check out the clip


Much Love,

Tracy B

Say something….

Good day my fellow bloggers, readers, and friends.  Today I solicit your honesty, boldness, and comments on a matter that was brought to my attention.

A neighbor and I had a discussion on of course the all famous topic GOD! I began telling her the different ways God speaks to me, be it dreams, through others, music, visions, signs etc…. and she told me that was pure demonic.  I sat back in my seat and decided to listen (not debate). She advised that it’s a form of magic and the devil himself transforms as an angel of light and speaks to us in dreams. She then pulled out a book to support what she was saying. I kept quiet but eagerly awaited my turn to speak. She further stated there was no way I could have dreams of my mother because she is dead and gone from the earth and will not come as a form of comfort for my grievance and speak to me about anything. She then stated the ONLY way God speaks is through His word the bible.images-68

My turn I thought as I sipped my coffee. I only asked questions and awaited the answer.

So, what you’re saying is the enemy (devil) has more power than God? He can transform but God can not? You’re also stating that my dreams are not of God because He doesn’t give us dreams? You are further saying that God is limited to ONLY what I read in the bible? So why do you pray if the answer is already in your hands?

Now this post is to not discredit her belief or make mine above another but it’s purely to get your feedback. Does God speak outside of the bible? Do you belive in dreams, signs and wonders? Does God have a voice?

Much Love,

Tracy B


Get loosed…..

Happy Friday All…


Break every chain with the power of one name that is above all names.

Much Love,

Tracy B

Karma is necessary for change…..

Good morning!

“When I think about Jesus and what he’s done for me, when I think about Jesus and how He set me free I can dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, dance all nite!” images-63I remember my Pastor saying this right before the congregation erupted in dance, screams, tambourine playing, drum beating and whatever else they deemed necessary as a form of worship. I would sit back and laugh so hard at certain individuals hilarious form of worship.

Today I sit in my adulthood reflecting on those days because I too have my forms of worship. I know it’s a lifestyle, a daily praise, a relationship with my Father God but my outward expressions speak volume. I worship with writings, songs, dance, socializing, serving, and every now and then I too have a break out dance of praise and admiration for the one who set me free.

My own children laugh at me now and I can’t do anything but say the words KARMA! Now I don’t mind them laughing because I know they too will have this same story to tell. Watch and see…images-65

I said all this to say you reap what you sow, but you don’t have to reap the condemnation or negativity if you repent. Repent by changing your mindset on that one thing, change your habits on that one thing, change your heart on that one thing. Don’t walk in regret, just rejoice in repentance!

Much Love,

Tracy B

Unresolved issues….

I would first like to say Happy New Year to each and every one of you. I know I’m 9 days late but hey, it’s better late than never; or so I’ve heard.

ImageI pray your new year is going great thus far and you’ve set attainable goals that you intend to keep. As for me my new year is wrapping up things from last year. It’s on the brink of being over and done with and that’s a beautiful thing to me. This unfinished business is forcing me to have a new mindset on how God operates. It’s forcing me to believe in miracles, to stay focused on who HE is, to trust completely (even when it looks a hot mess), to love unconditional, and to forgive all that have misrepresented themselves to me. On the very next day of the new year I had a discovery that blew my mind. I had always had this thought about a certain someone but I guess God decided to show me that what I thought was indeed the truth. WOW! was all I could say.  I walked away saying aloud “What a way to start my new year, I guess it’s just what doctor God has ordered.”

Everything seems all bad but I know God is working it all out for my good just as He promised. Delayed does not mean denied. 

Just because it looks a certain way does not mean it is that way. Take your eyes off your unresolved issues and focus on the problem solver. All is well. Nothing can happen without HIS approval and if HE approves then it is the best thing for you. Take courage in knowing that HE will NEVER leave you nor forsake you.

Much Love, 

Tracy B