Why not now?????……

There is no sin in getting weary, the sin is giving up!

Decide that you want happiness, love, joy and prosperity more than you’re afraid of it. Decide today that you have all you need. Decide to embrace your life as it is right now; the good the bad and the ugly.

3078802485_b665eb38f4 sunburstI’ve learned to celebrate, to mourn, to get uptight, to loosen up, to spend, to save, to cry, to laugh, to jump, to run, to walk, to sleep and finally to dream.  And I dreamed a new and better life for me, full of peace and prosperity. I also dreamed how to make all that happen  and the big mystery is not giving up.

I’m pushing through despite the enemy’s intimidation and rude tactics. I’m going  through the storm without an umbrella. I’m walking the longest road without shoes. I’m climbing the highest mountain only to ask God to move it to the deepest part of the sea.

Each day God opens my eyes I believe it’s a sign of God telling me I can make it. He wouldn’t give me another day full of grace and brand new mercy if He didn’t intend for me to walk in it and make the most of it. So I figured why not go hard after my dream…..

Why not??

Much Love,

Tracy B


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