Satisfaction guaranteed………

Great morning to all.

I’ve heard about the tragic happenings at the school in Connecticut and it angered me.  I was saddened at first but then my emotion went straight to pressured anger.  What I mean is I became irritated with all the evil going on in this world.  It’s so much division, racism, hatred, self ONLY love, all about me spirits, and last but certainly not least unrighteousness.  I use to practice these very things above until I became connected to real love.  When you experience REAL LOVE there is no room for hatred.  When you are in the presence of REAL LOVE there is no room for selfishness, greed, racism, or any type of evil. for God is real love!!  Sure I still have thoughts of wanting to curse people out ( I do it in my head all the time) LOL, but because of love I sit back and realize the battle is in God’s hand.

images-62Whatever you may be going through; and I know you’re going through, just know that God is in complete control. You just have to trust Him in your situation. You are guaranteed to be victorious, to walk in freedom, to have the desires of your heart, to receive every promise HE has promised you.  I know it looks dim. I know the weapons have formed and their pointing at your head, your heart, your soul, your spirit; but it’s all smoke and mirrors. Don’t be intimidated by the enemy and evil of this world. It gets worse right before the blessing breaks forth. Evil NEVER wins against good!!!

Don’t give up, don’t lose hope, don’t lose focus because God has designed it that you win. Only speak life (no defeat)

Stay connected to real love and experience real joy and peace!

May God comfort the families who now have little angels watching over them. Please give them beauty for their ashes and peace within this storm. I know you’re more than able to do just that and more. I love you Father God!

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Much Love,

Tracy B


4 Replies to “Satisfaction guaranteed………”

  1. Cousin….. I am so proud of you! Your words speaks true inspiration! Its a blessing to know that there’s somone in the world… world that I can relate to. Much love….there’s so much more I can say but……

    1. I love you cousin! Thanks for your inspiring and encouraging words. It’s all I need to keep moving forward. Some days I feel like folk aren’t being reached but if just one says they get it that makes ALL the difference. To God be the glory. Love ya

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