Just a little something….

When love rules there is no reason to fear. 

Go on and enjoy your day with fullness of joy. Everyday God gives you is a present. Unwrap it daily and see what beauty unfolds.


Much Love,

Tracy B


Why not now?????……

There is no sin in getting weary, the sin is giving up!

Decide that you want happiness, love, joy and prosperity more than you’re afraid of it. Decide today that you have all you need. Decide to embrace your life as it is right now; the good the bad and the ugly.

3078802485_b665eb38f4 sunburstI’ve learned to celebrate, to mourn, to get uptight, to loosen up, to spend, to save, to cry, to laugh, to jump, to run, to walk, to sleep and finally to dream.  And I dreamed a new and better life for me, full of peace and prosperity. I also dreamed how to make all that happen  and the big mystery is not giving up.

I’m pushing through despite the enemy’s intimidation and rude tactics. I’m going  through the storm without an umbrella. I’m walking the longest road without shoes. I’m climbing the highest mountain only to ask God to move it to the deepest part of the sea.

Each day God opens my eyes I believe it’s a sign of God telling me I can make it. He wouldn’t give me another day full of grace and brand new mercy if He didn’t intend for me to walk in it and make the most of it. So I figured why not go hard after my dream…..

Why not??

Much Love,

Tracy B

Satisfaction guaranteed………

Great morning to all.

I’ve heard about the tragic happenings at the school in Connecticut and it angered me.  I was saddened at first but then my emotion went straight to pressured anger.  What I mean is I became irritated with all the evil going on in this world.  It’s so much division, racism, hatred, self ONLY love, all about me spirits, and last but certainly not least unrighteousness.  I use to practice these very things above until I became connected to real love.  When you experience REAL LOVE there is no room for hatred.  When you are in the presence of REAL LOVE there is no room for selfishness, greed, racism, or any type of evil. for God is real love!!  Sure I still have thoughts of wanting to curse people out ( I do it in my head all the time) LOL, but because of love I sit back and realize the battle is in God’s hand.

images-62Whatever you may be going through; and I know you’re going through, just know that God is in complete control. You just have to trust Him in your situation. You are guaranteed to be victorious, to walk in freedom, to have the desires of your heart, to receive every promise HE has promised you.  I know it looks dim. I know the weapons have formed and their pointing at your head, your heart, your soul, your spirit; but it’s all smoke and mirrors. Don’t be intimidated by the enemy and evil of this world. It gets worse right before the blessing breaks forth. Evil NEVER wins against good!!!

Don’t give up, don’t lose hope, don’t lose focus because God has designed it that you win. Only speak life (no defeat)

Stay connected to real love and experience real joy and peace!

May God comfort the families who now have little angels watching over them. Please give them beauty for their ashes and peace within this storm. I know you’re more than able to do just that and more. I love you Father God!

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Much Love,

Tracy B

Under pressure but still praising……..

As we approach the New Year I’ve realized a lot of the things that disturbed my peace of mind is now coming to an end.  I don’t know what the end will be exactly but I do know GOD has made me victorious in it all.  He has promised peace for me and my children. He has promised we will not be ashamed nor disgraced. He has promised to turn toward me with great love and compassion and never leave me again because of His anger in my disobedience.

There were lots of things I could have avoided had I just been obedient. For in this testing and trial I’ve learned that obedience is truly better than sacrifice; the cost is too great.  Isn’t it beautiful how God provides you with a lesson LEARNED in your testing moment?

During this time He has also taught me great patience, letting go of trying to know everything as to control everything, praying in righteousness, and even for my enemies in spite of the weapons being formed.

He promised NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME SHALL PROSPER anyhow and every tongue that speaks judgement and condemnation of me and my children we shall surely condemn. This is our vindication says the Lord. The winds are blowing fiercely, the pot is empty, the cupboards are bare but since GOD is for me I know this too shall pass. I’m going  to go on and go thru and see what the end will be. I’m moving forward with NO DOUBT that God is I AM that I AM.

 Allow the rains to fall, it’s only cleansing you. Allow the winds to blow, it’s only pushing you closer to your destiny. Allow the pressure to overtake you, it’s only building character and faith.  Rest in knowing God has all things working for your good.

Much Love,
Tracy B

Cracks in Mr. Perfect…….

Great afternoon my family and friends.  Today I feel so blessed to blog and reach the unreachable, touch the untouchable, and love the un-loveable. I’m not perfect, rich, flawless, or the smartest person in the world but God still chose me to be a servant to HIS people.  It’s not always easy, but truth be told it’s always worth it.images-61

I want to play this song for you all today. I’ve had it on repeat ever since I got the album. The title alone made me pay close attention to the words & I must say it’s one of my favorites. I hope you all like it too.  Neyo is a great writer and some kind of way God used this song to send me a message. Listen for yourself and tell me how this speaks to you…


Much Love,

Tracy B

Press on…..

images-51You’re stronger than what you think.

No matter what you’ve done or what’s been done to you God still have favor all over your life. Press On!

Forget what’s behind you.  It’s doesn’t matter since God picked you anyways. Press On!

No weapon formed against you will prosper so why not Press On! Go ahead and move into position of contact with that something you’ve desired by exerting continuous force. Press On! Now Stretch On by transcending your comfort zone. Touch On and make contact.

Don’t quit right before the blessing. You’ve got to Press On!!!

Much Love,

Tracy B