Let’s play chess….

In my quiet time I discovered life is like playing chess.

Earth is my board, haters are my opponents, while the players on my side includes my angels, my supporters, and a few frienemies (friend enemies).  They are on my side simply to show me what my opponents are capable of.  Sure they look like they are for me, they make all the moves like my supporters, but when it’s time to make a block they actually open a space.

images-60This actually made the game harder because I was playing against opponents on both sides of the board.  I noticed I was drained, felt hopeless, and didn’t have the energy to move. Just then my supporters and angels started showing me the strategic planning side of things.  I noticed how they didn’t make moves until they carefully thought about the effects and consequences of what each move would represent for the entire team. They maneuvered in and out while using different pieces to throw off the opponents. Each move had nothing to do with perfection, but purpose and strategic reasoning and thinking. Before long my opponents were blocked, stuck, and left with all their weapons facing them.


When you learn to play the game of chess, you’re also learning to play the game of life.

Much Love,

Tracy B


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