You and I…..

My song choice of the day features the baddest R&B artist for me. His songs always soothes me. The way he sings, the ministry behind the lyrics, the passion beyond the words, his love for the art always finds me  in my weakest moments and somehow gives me strength to stay in the race.

He also did a remake of Sailing and each time I play it my spirit leaps for joy. Not because I think he’s handsome (cuz I do truly) but because I hear something more. It’s conviction, confidence, and definitely charisma. Check out Mr Avant and let me know what you all think. If you’re in the mood for great music listen to him on and follow him on twitter @avantmusic. Then by all means download the new album on ITUNES. He really does have great music. I’m constantly hitting REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT..

I just have to share this with you all today!

Much Love,

Tracy B



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