Yesterday, today and tomorrow…..

Have you ever tried going back in time with the knowledge and wisdom of today, wondering what if of yesterday, while disregarding the hopes of tomorrow?

I’ve been known to do this and still find myself doing it often times.  It’s a horrible trait as it traps you with semi depression because it starts off so innocently; something like life would’ve been better if I could’ve, or maybe I should’ve.  Before I realize it, I’m singing the shoulda, coulda, woulda song spending precious moments of today’s time in can’t change yesterday’s moments.

I think about past relationships (the men I’ve loved who didn’t love me).  I think about family I’ve helped who didn’t help me, friends I’ve befriended which turned out to be enemies, and time I’ve wasted that I can’t get back.  Funny thing is it all leads me back to the present.

Focus Tracy is what I tell myself aloud so I can hear it.  Focus Tracy is what I desire and need to do.  Focused Tracy is who I wish to know, but sighing is what I do!

All in all it’s a bunch of wasted time, but on the flip side it’s an abundance of gained knowledge. Yesterday is ONLY to learn from. Tomorrow is a great hope and mystery. While today is why you live~!

Get focused, or get left behind!! Live today to the fullest~~~~

Much Love,

Tracy B


2 thoughts on “Yesterday, today and tomorrow…..

  1. shelleyhallmark

    I can relate and what I’ve learned from all these types of relationships is that I’ve inherently known from the beginning of them that they weren’t the right ones but compromised my inner knowing because I thought they needed me. From these experiences I’ve gained the strength to develop healthy boundaries and take care of me first because if I don’t care of me, there’s no way I can take care of anyone else. Thanks for sharing this great post!

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