I am and what are you???…..

Whatever follows I am is going to come looking for you!

While watching Oprah’s life class, which featured special guest Pastor Joel Osteen, the topic of discussion was I am. The topic intrigued me and I decided to watch the show since I’m a fan of both Oprah Winfrey as well as inspirational Pastor Osteen.

He began talking about saying little things like I’m tired, I’m broke, I’m discouraged will come looking for you because you shall have what you say.  Well, I was thinking how I’d just said that same thing this morning because I felt truly tired, in pain, hate the hours of my job, and so forth. I noticed after saying those things how much worse things seemed to have gotten almost instantaneously. So I immediately began to change my way of speaking as I felt God was speaking through the both of them to reach little ole complaining me.

My next words…..

I am too smart to be defeated by the enemies lies and to wise to be defeated by his manipulation.  I am a beautiful leader for others just like me. I am here to change lives, hearts and minds through the power of God’s anointed word.  I am a servant and have a purpose to stay focused on the path God has ordained for me.  I am what I believe with my RICH self.….

Change your I am to something positive right now and watch that very thing come looking for you!! You shall have what you say indeed.

Much Love,

Tracy B


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